Easy Watering
Easy Watering
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Easy Watering was formed in 2005 and based on a very simple principle. The owners of the business moved to a new house and found it took hours to water the garden, We looked around and found it hard to find a company that were able to solve this problem, we therefore employed a gardener to do this task for us.

There must be an easier way to water the garden!!


We looked around and eventually found a business that were able to supply us with some of the parts we needed, and so the process went on until we managed to get all of the parts together. We then found it difficult to find someone who also had the knowledge on how to install an irrigation system so it was trial and error before we came up with the ideal solution.

From this experience we decided to start up Easy Watering, a business dedicated to Watering and Irrigation Systems.

A lot has changed since then, based on this experience and the lack of both products and product knowledge Easy Watering was born. Its principle is simple - enable people to be able to water their gardens effectively and easily, saving both water and time.