Raising plants from seed is one of the most rewarding aspects of gardening and the images of sowing seeds, tiny green shoots pushing through compost and a greenhouse bursting with seedlings are some of the most traditional and endearing – they really sum up the beauty of gardening to many. You’ll ensure your vegetable and herb plants get the best possible start in life by selecting from our high quality seed range, supplied to us by a growers with over 50 years experience and a reputation second to none. And yes, the seeds are organic – certified by the Soil Association no less…

But we haven’t all got the time, equipment or space to raise our vegetables and herbs from seed, however much we’d like to. Does this put a stop to our gardening? Not a bit of it as the collection of organic plug plant packages we’ve pulled together – with a little help from our organic contacts, granted – will give you an instant garden come spring. These collections know no boundaries – they’ll suit sprawling kitchen gardens and containers on roof terraces alike, delivering fresh herbs and vegetables straight to your plate.

It’s also possible that space, as well as time, governs your gardening activities – and we’ve thought of that too! Why not get all the health benefits of fresh, home-grown produce in your own kitchen in a matter of days via our 3 Tier Sprouter and Sprouting Seeds package? You can enjoy the nutrient-packed shoots and sprouts in as little as 3 days after ‘sowing’ – great if your lack of space matches your lack of patience!


Cabbage, Cauliflower and Brassica Seeds
Cabbage, Cauliflower and Brassica Seeds – the brassica family is the most extensive in the vegetable garden and includes brussels sprouts, kale, kohlrabi, calabrese and broccoli seeds along with the cabbage and cauliflower varieties we’ve included in our range; all of which are well worth growing as it’s highly likely there’ll be a plant or variety which proves to be a real favourite on the allotment, vegetable patch or kitchen garden – not to mention the dining table! You’ll find a real diverse selection of brassica seeds in our range – from savoy, ballhead, red and green cabbages, a snow-white headed cauliflower, the alien-like kohlrabi and purple-sprouting broccoli – they’re all here and ready to sow!

And to help you with that, we’ve compiled sowing guides for all the brassica family seed varieties – and there’s plenty to choose from! – and we’re keen to highlight the fact that all our seeds meet the stringent Soil Association organic criteria. Not only that, but we carry essential butterfly netting, cabbage collars and recession busting vegetable cages with which to protect your crops – there really is only one place to buy your brassicas!

Carrot, Beetroot, Parsnip and Swede Seeds
Carrot, Beetroot, Parsnip and Swede Seeds – growing root crops such as carrots, beetroot, parsnips and swede might not be as glamourous as a climbing tomato plant dripping with fruit or courgette in full flower but the end result is just as pleasing on the tongue; especially when you crunch into a just-pulled carrot, sample the flavour a garden-fresh beetroot brings to a salad or discover your home-grown parsnips and swede put the rest of your Sunday lunch in the shade!

To help bring that unique garden taste to your kitchen table, we’ve carefully selected carrot, beetroot, parsnip and swede varieties and added them to our organic – Soil Association approved – seed range. We’ve got all the equipment – including carrot-fly screens, fleece and cloches – to give your plants every chance of success and although they might not be the easiest crops to grow (you’ll find our growing guides, an example of which is below, invaluable) the anticipation of what’s developing below the ground and the quality of the final produce should make it all worthwhile!

Celery and Celeriac Seeds
Celery and Celeriac Seeds – crunching into a garden-fresh, just-picked stem of juicy, stringless green celery is one of the perks of growing your own vegetables and with our organic celery and celeriac seeds, you could be doing just that between 4 to 8 months after sowing on the allotment or in the vegetable patch and kitchen garden. Somethings are worth waiting for and that’s certainly the case with these varieties; they occupy the ground for a large part of the year but the end result – imagine adding freshly grated celeriac to a winter salad – is certainly worth it.

To help guide you through the celery/celeriac growing process, we’ve put together easy to follow sowing and growing tables (see the example below) which appear on every seed page and you’ll also see the instantly recognisable Soill Association mark here too – that’s because all our seeds meet the Association’s stringent organic standards and therefore fit perfectly into any organic gardening set-up. We also supply the other greenhouse and gardening equipment you’ll need – such as a heated propagator and a trowel for planting out – and thoroughly recommend you pick up a few packets of these seeds and have a go at growing a not-so-common garden vegetable this year!

Cucumber, Courgette and Squash Seeds
Cucumber, Courgette and Squash Seeds – all members of the cucurbit family, these plants really are the sunbathers in the garden; they just can’t get enough of warm sunshine and will reward you with their prodigious cropping throughout the summer months. We’ve included proven varieties of cucumber (suitable for both greenhouse and outdoor production), prolific courgettes, a tiger striped marrow and you can even try and grow your own pumpkin for halloween with our hefty squash varieties.

All our cucumber, courgette and squash seeds are certified organic by no less than the Soil Association and to help you get the most from these fascinating and rewarding plants, we’ve provided a growing guide on every seed page. We even stock the propagators you’ll need for seed germination, slug and snail rings to protect young transplants and even obelisks for the plants to climb up. All you need to do is make plenty of room in the garden (cucurbits love to climb and stretch out) and get sowing!

Herb Seeds
Herb Seeds – introducing the attractive sight and deeply aromatic smell of herb varieties to your garden is a real sensory delight, but that’s nothing compare to the taste explosion you experience once these culinary plants hit the kitchen table; just imagine turkey without sage and onion stuffing, lamb but no mint sauce and pasta missing a sprinkling of just-picked basil…But you can banish those unpleasant kitchen thoughts with the help of our selection of 100% organic herb seeds which features all the old favourites such as basil, thyme, rosemary, sage and parsley, and a few highly rated but lesser known examples such as borage, savory and chamomile.

Each of our herb seed pages features a sowing guide (example below) to help you get the most from these occasionally difficult to propogate but ultimately very rewarding varieties, all of which are certified organic by no less a body than the Soil Association. Use of our propagators and cold frames to raise your herb seedlings and grow these easily maintained plants in a specially created herb bed (pick a sunny spot), in containers on the patio or even on the kitchen windowsill and pick the leaves just seconds before you use them – you just can’t get any fresher than that!

Onion and Leek Seeds
Onion and Leek Seeds – our organic onion and leek seeds have been specially selected to give you a wide variety of produce – from tender spring onions to hardy winter leeks – and every chance of a successful harvest of these versatile and traditional mainstays of the vegetable patch, allotment and kitchen garden. You’ll find red, white and spring onions along with baby and full sized leeks in our selection, giving you the opportunity to produce alliums which add real interest to your salads and soups.

What’s more, all of our onion and leek seeds have attained Soil Association organic status and are of the highest quality, and we’ve got almost all you’ll need to care for your crops – including a specialist onion hoe, fertiliser and onion nets for storage – so all you need to do is prepare the fertile and well-drained soil in which they flourish in and watch the plants race away! There’s even a seed sowing and growing guide on every product page to help you produce enough home-grown leeks and onions to last all summer, winter and spring!

Pea and Bean Seeds
Pea and Bean Seeds – members of the legume family, peas and beans of all varieties are commonplace on allotments, vegetable plots, patios and in kitchen gardens across the country as gardeners both old and new realise what benefits these helpful plants can bring to the garden. It goes without saying that the taste of home-grown peas and beans just can’t be replicated by supermarkets, but there’s more in the pea and bean locker than that; due to the nitogen-fixing nodules nature bestowed on this family, they require less nitrogen feed than other plant groups and will even put this valuable growing element back into the soil.

And there’s no better place to buy your beans and purchase your peas than right here! We’ve got Broad, Runner and French bean seeds to compliment the pea varieties we’ve carefully selected, and all our seeds are certified organic by the Soil Association – recognised as the standard for organic produce in the UK. We’ve also provided a growing guide – similar to the one below – for each variety to give you an idea when to sow, transplant and harvest your organic pea and bean seeds along with our in-house designed and manufactured pea and bean hoops, runner bean frames and even netting to climb up, so hopefully you can enjoy that unique home-grown flavour too!

Salad and Leafy Vegetable Seeds
Salad and Leafy Vegetable Seeds – easy to grow, very quick off the mark (you can harvest mature radish in a Usain Bolt-like 2 weeks in the summer) and incredibly healthy, salads and leafy vegetables are right up there when it comes to selecting seeds and varieties to grow on the allotment or in the vegetable patch or kitchen garden. Our selection of organic salad and leafty vegetable seeds includes the aforementioned radish, stunning varities of chard to brigbhten up any veg plot or border, spinach leaves packed full of vitamins A and C and all the popular types of lettuce – cos, butterhead, iceberg and loose leaf. We’ve also tossed rocket, mizuna and a rather interesting chinese cabbage into the mix to hopefully satisfy the needs of all salad lovers!

Now we’ve whetted your growing appetite, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve also made seed sowing and growing guides for all our salad and leafy vegetable seed varieties, which you’ll find on every seed page (there’s an example below). We stock the cloches, fleece and seed sowing aids you’ll need to help you grow successfully too – and on the subject of seeds; every variety we supply has reached the exacting organic standards laid down by the Soil Association so you can be completely confident that every lettuce, radish, spinach, chard, rocket etc seed you sow is 100% organic. It’s up to you to make it a real salad summer to remember this year!

Tomato, Pepper and Aubergine Seeds
Tomato, Pepper and Aubergine Seeds – happy to spend the summer months out in the kitchen garden, greenhouse or on the allotment, plants raised from our organic Tomato, Pepper and Aubergine seeds are equally at home sitting in a growbag on a nice warm patio within easy picking reach of the back door. Growing tomatoes is often the first foray into gardening or growing-your-own produce for many and the varieties we’ve selected for our range should keep cherry, standard and beefsteak aficionados happy; and those with a penchant for all things spicy will certainly appreciate the potent chilli pepper seeds, along with the less intense sweet pepper varieties.

Aubergines are another popular greenhouse crop we’ve included in our organic seed range, all of which carry the Soil Association’s seal of approval and you’ll also find growing guides (example below) on each seed variety page to help steer you through the tomato, pepper and aubergine growing year. Throw in the selection of growbags, irrigation systems and feeds we also carry for these greenhouse crops and you’ll be sampling your own sauces, pickles and spiced-up salads in no time!
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