Agriframes for Garden Designers

  • 7 July 2021 3:13 pm
  • UK - Nationwide


Agriframes Garden Structures
Arches – Arched Pergolas – Metal Gazebos – Arbours – Porticoes – Screens and Border Edging by Agriframes
Obelisks and Plant Supports
Obelisks – Trellis – Plant Supports – Garden Sundries by Agriframes
Fruit Cages and Netting
Walk in Fruit Cages, Domed Fruit Cages, Crop Cages, Netting and Fabrics, Accessories by Agriframes
Everything for the Kitchen Garden
Propagation, Growhouses and Coldframes, Cloches and Tunnels, Plant Frames and Supports, Pots and Planters, Plant Protection and Garden Sundries
Outdoor Living
Log Stores, The Boot Room, Tools and Accessories, Tool Racks and Storage, Garden Tidy
Tomato Patio Planters, Vegetable Patio Planters, Potato Patio Planters, Pea & Bean Patio Planters, Carrot Patio Planter
Balcony Garden, Easy Table Garden, Raised Bed Patio Garden, Strawberry & Herb Planter Pack, Herb Wall Planters, Rustic Weave Basket


UK - Nationwide