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One of the main benefits with the instant pond now being produced by Atlantic Gardens Ltd is you don’t have to leave your pond behind if you should decide to move. You can also relocate or extend your pond – and your koi will be back in their home in no time!

The ponds are a progression from our raised pond window frames. The ponds have the same lifetime guarantee as the frames and are laser cut from 3 mm thick 316 stainless steel, they are made to the same high standard that people have come to expect from our products.

The advantages of our Instantpond®:


•Life time guarantee – 316 stainless steel framework;

• Quick 2 hour construction time – immediate top up;

•Assemble / Dismantle – Take your pond with you if you move;

• 10ft² (3m x 3m) stock size;

• Four 7ft viewing windows -Toughened, laminated and heat soaked glass;

• Raised pond to see fish from all around the garden;

• The base: a box-welded pond liner can also be sunken below ground – Just order your required depth of box liner.20 year guarantee.

•Top & Side finishing components – 25 year guarantee ;

•If your fish get too big, you can change the size of your pond with an upgrade, by simply adding different sections and a liner.


The instant pond can be finish assembled in a mater of hours (Our best assemble time is approx 30mins), as all of the parts that can be, are pre assembled to save you time.

There is minimal site preparation even with a 4’6" deep pond it is just a case of digging to the required depth.

There are several different designs of instant pond. If you have a different design in mind just emal a drawing to us and we will let you know if we can make it for you.


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