The hard landscape is a key part of any garden. Hard Landscaping should be attractive and in keeping with the house and the rest of the garden and is usually the most expensive part of the design and build of a garden. It’s going to be there for a long time so it’s important to get the choice of materials and design right – choose the best materials you can afford. But there’s more to hard-landscaping than just Garden Paving it also includes building materials, aggregates; different types of stone such as slate or limestone and the hard features of the garden including garden lighting, garden fencing, garden walls, garden decking, railway sleepers and water features and even natural swimming ponds.




Soft Landscaping involves the “green bits” of creating your garden including garden turf, garden plants, shrubs and trees, carefully designed around the positioning of your hard landscaping features such as garden buildings, garden sheds, gazebos, timber arches and trellises. Soft landscaping is vital to all gardens, not only does a well planted garden look attractive but it adds all year colour, smells, character and charm and needs to be planned to take into account which areas of the garden are lit and shaded at different periods throughout the day, the soil type and drainage. You may choose an artificial lawn but if you don’t and use turf or grass seed you will need to add garden composts, garden bark and mulches, fertilisers and perhaps loams and top dressings. Beautiful gardens start and can be kept in tip top condition throughout the year with Rowlawn products – spring, summer, autumn and winter – the bagged products all come in 1 cubic meter bags giving up to 50% more than most bagged products.




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Rolawn GroRight Spring Lawn Food

Rolawn GroRight Spring Lawn Food

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