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Oh, the joy of growing your own vegetables! Whether you choose to just grow a few tomatoes in pots and some herbs for cooking, or go the whole hog with soft fruits, an allotment – even chickens – there’s nothing to beat the taste of fruit and vegetables you’ve grown yourself. Yes, your carrots may be less than straight, and your potatoes might be a bit knobbly, but they’ll be so big on flavour you won’t notice. To help you enjoy the thrill of grow your own (we are big fans ourselves), we’ve thought of everything you might need for your own vegetable or fruit garden, found the best suppliers and the best prices – so you can concentrate on the good stuff. Enjoy!

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Dobbies Garden World

Dobbies is proud to be Britain’s fastest growing national garden centre, with stores up and down the UK, plus is always open for business, 24 hours a day.

Dobbies has been in business in the UK for over 140 years and now sells plants online. Originally started as a seeds catalogue in Scotland, the company quickly grew a reputation for quality goods at modest prices. The vast majority of staff who work at Dobbies have a green thumb, and if you’re looking for unbiased information or advice, just chat to any of the friendly staff who’ll be more than happy to help answer your questions. In fact, customer service is something Dobbies is well-known for.

Dobbie, famously said in 1890 that “customer orders will be treated with that careful attention which has always been characteristic of our House.” Those words are just as valid in the 21st Century as they were in the 19th Century.

Dobbies understands that gardening is something personal and that there are as many ways to garden as there are gardeners. Dobbies customer’s have different needs, and Dobbies have tens of thousands of ways to meet those needs. And what’s different about Dobbies is you won’t find any aisles. What you will find is relaxing places to sit, think, and draw inspiration from the peaceful surroundings. Dobbies is also famous for its restaurants with a genuinely huge range of absolutely delicious food to cater for even the fussiest of tastes.
Whatever your style of garden – from a window-box to a hidden oasis; from a well-loved vegetable allotment to a well-loved family lawn – Dobbies has it all and does it all.
Dobbies – it’s in our nature.
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