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Forced to grow your own vegetables and garden as best you can in a small courtyard, on a patio, a roof terrace or a balcony? Things are just about to get a whole lot easier! We’re not proposing to extend your property or anything quite so drastic but we can supply you with versatile raised beds on a much smaller scale, allowing your fresh vegetable production to step up a mark.
Measuring a mere 60cm (2′) in length or width, the new Timber Mini-Beds will neatly slot in where no bed has gone before and if plastic is your choice, then the Link-a-Bord Mini-Raised Bed is ideal – and don’t forget you can also purchase Link-a-Bord components separately to make an even smaller bed and make the most of every available space! Corner beds will sit neatly in otherwise barren veg or herb growing areas – giving you a big output from a small area.
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    Raised Garden Beds in Small Spaces

    Planters and Pots

    • 3 years ago
    • Robert Hale