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mail order, but you may have to visit others to pick up the plants you desire. More than 900 specialist nurseries are included on THE Gardening WEBSITE and can again be searched for by County or by City or Town  with details of the plants they sell so it will be easy to find exactly the one you are looking for. You can search Specialist Garden Nurseries by Speciality - e.g Acers, Alpines, Aquatics, Bamboo, Cacti, Ferns, Clematis, Grasses, Hedging, Herbaceous Magnolia, Ornamental Trees. Many are specialist growers and are not open at all times, some only supply through Mail Order.Their website will include details of opening times and arrangements.

On THE Gardening WEBSITE you'll find On-Line garden centres, specialist nurseries, growers, plant suppliers and
seed companies who have exactly what you need where purchases can be made by the click of the button on your pc at home.

Looking for that special plant? Garden nurseries are the place for you. Dotted all over the country, we have more than 900 listed on The Gardening Website. Most will mail out your plant order, but you may have to visit some to pick up the plant you want – while you’re there, take the chance to browse what they have on offer and chat to their experts about the best way to keep your plants thriving. Because they are often specialised, some garden nurseries are only open at certain times, sell via mail order or may offer only a wholesale service, so please do check on their website for opening times and details, or give them a call before heading out.

Oh, the joy of growing your own vegetables! Whether you choose to just grow a few tomatoes in pots and some herbs for cooking, or go the whole hog with soft fruits, an allotment – even chickens – there’s nothing to beat the taste of fruit and vegetables you’ve grown yourself. Yes, your carrots may be less than straight, and your potatoes might be a bit knobbly, but they’ll be so big on flavour you won’t notice. To help you enjoy the thrill of grow your own (we are big fans ourselves), we’ve thought of everything you might need for your own vegetable or fruit garden, found the best suppliers and the best prices – so you can concentrate on the good stuff. Enjoy!

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Moore And Moore Plants
Moore And Moore Plants
We're a small, independent, family run nursery based in Billericay, Essex. We specialise in plants for shady places but also have a choice selection of plants which are a magnet for pollinating...
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