Jane Robbins Portrait And Figurative Sculptor
Jane Robbins Portrait And Figurative Sculptor
Jane Robbins studied traditional figurative sculpture in Staffordshire, specialising in portraiture.

Now as an established sculptor , based in Cheshire, she is passionate about creating a true inspirational likeness (human or animal) within a portrait bust, statue or bas relief plaque.

Her work embraces craftsmanship and sculptural skills whilst using both traditional and contemporary mediums.


Sir Simon Rattle - housed at the City of Birmingham Orchestra Centre, Birmingham


Life Size Clay sculpture of Poet Laureate Ted Hughes

jane_robbins_007_349x640_small.jpg jane_robbins_012_480x640_2_small.jpg


Ice Angel - Acrylic Resin


Sir George Martin - Bronze Bust


Commissioning a sculpture - the process

Portrait sculptures can be sculpted from life, with a sitting at my studio or at a clients home, or even from photos if time is short or the piece is posthumous. When the clay bust or figure is finished the client can be shown a photo or call and see the piece (images can be emailed if a client chooses). When they are satisfied, casting into bronze takes place at Castle Fine Art Foundry, near Oswestry. If a budget doesn't run to a bronze, other mediums can be used to cast the finished piece ie: reconstituted stone, concrete, plaster and resin fiberglass. The whole process from start to finish takes approximately 2 months (longer for a larger statue).

Many clients prefer to pay in installments, with a third paid when the work starts, a third when you are happy with the clay sculpture, and a final third on delivery of the finished piece.

What will commissioning a sculpture cost?

A life size portrait bust in bronze costs around £5000 and other mediums vary in price and start from approximately £1000. A life size figure in bronze costs in the region of £15,000 to £20,000. An 8ft bronze statue costs in the region of £40 to £50,000.

If you are interested in talking to me about commissioning a sculpture, contact me via the website .