Samantha Haynes Dazzle House
Samantha Haynes Dazzle House
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Sam Haynes - Architectural Single and Multi Panel Art

London-based artist Sam Haynes works to commission designing single and multi-panel artworks for private and public spaces.  Working alongside a range of specialist fabricators, her architectural structures focus on the importance of people and place, capturing a richness of character and detail within a dynamic simplicity of form.
Following many years of creating large-scale artworks for public spaces, Sam has a reputation for creating innovative art. In 2011 she launched the company, ‘Dazzlehouse’, designing personalized laser engraved artworks for the home and garden, combining new technologies with timeless, contemporary materials.
Exploring the themes of energy and interaction her practice now ranges from small-scale corporate gifts to collaborative public commissions, working alongside architects and designers to bring an element of surprise into our everyday lives.