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Bamboos are graceful plants, evocative of foreign and exotic locations, and are increasingly being used in landscape and garden plantings. Some are used indoors, but they are mainly know for their garden use, having been popular plants since Victorian times and more recently, as part of the revival in exotic planting schemes.

Bamboos do not like drying out at all and prefer soils which retain moisture. However many proven plantings thrive in low rainfall areas, once they are established. Good soil cultivation, incorporating some moisture retentive organic matter, with the use of a good post planting mulch constitutes best practice.

Irrigation in dry periods for the first two seasons if required, to ensure healthy establishment. The best mulch for bamboo is the use of its own leaves and sheaths; do not be tempted to clear them away from the base of the plants, but it will not need regular feeding. Some pruning of thin canes and lower branches will promote a good display of bamboo stems.