Polythene Sheet
Polythene Sheet
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Polythene Sheet is an essential kitchen garden, allotment and vegetable patch accessory for the gardener who wants to offer early and mid season warmth and protection to plants; and when it's a top quality, heavy-duty, UV stabilised version you can be sure it won't let you or your plants down.

Available in three generous widths (2m, 2.6m and 3.1m), the Polythene Sheet can be used to form a poly tunnel over early crops and give summer heat-loving crops like peppers conditions they will thrive in. Use the Polythene Sheet with our crop protection hoops to create a instant poly tunnel or large cloche.

• Polythene Sheet is heavy duty and UV stabilised for a long garden life
• Ideal for creating Poly Tunnels
• Available in 2, 2.6 or 3.1 metre widths
• All widths rated at 100 microns (400 gauge) thickness
• Quality material whivh will last years in the garden