Mini Superior Timber Raised Bed
Mini Superior Timber Raised Bed
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Our Mini Superior Timber Raised Beds represent the best in strength, durability and style; it's just a shame you'll probably be squeezing them out of the sight of admiring eyes to grow your vegetables, in a hitherto unusable corner of the garden.

And that's the hidden beauty of these carefully researched and designed structures - they open up even the smallest garden or space for raising the freshest, home-grown vegetables and herbs. Sizes begin at a miniscule 60cm square, and when you combine the range of convenient working heights available (from 20cm up to 81cm) with the four easy-to-position sizes, you'll turn the most barren garden area into a roof, balcony, alleyway, terrace or patio vegetable growing hotspot!

Prices start from just £58