David Freedman Sculpture
David Freedman Sculpture
Address: Mill Forge
Church Minshull
Postcode: CW5 6EA
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Telephone: 01270 522277
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Garden sculpture and unique artistic wrought iron gates by artist blacksmith David Freedman. David creates hand made garden art sculptures and furniture for exhibitions, galleries, private gardens and homes as well as public places using wrought iron, bronze, stainless steel and carved wood. Metal sculpture designs for garden features, wind sculptures and water features hand made in Cheshire UK.










I have been blacksmithing for over 15 years, having learnt while working with other blacksmiths in London and Kent. At first I produced traditional forgework, gates, railings, weathervanes and architectural metalwork, which I still produce at Mill Forge near Nantwich in Cheshire, UK though my designs have become more sculptural and use new as well as traditional methods.

I began making sculpture following a trip to Italy to visit a group of artists and sculptors. During my studies in London I attended the Slade School of Art, I trained in life drawing. This influenced my metalwork inspiring me to create unique sculptures, going against the trend of the time for abstract sculpture. I have always preferred to make figurative work. Though not usually literal in subject, my pieces often echo classical sculpture with a modern, sometimes humourous flavour.

Wrought ironwork lends itself well to sculpture as it can be worked using a variety of techniques including hot forgework and welding. I have developed new techniques using a power hammer to mould steel plate which is then cut to shape, re-welded and re-worked. I also works in bronze, wood, copper and other media, always preferring to be hands on rather than contracting out any of the making process.

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David also runs a site dedicated to gifts for 6th wedding anniversaries, hand made in the blacksmiths forge






I regularly work with garden designers to create spectacular features that can be integrated into the setting. I can provide detailed sketches and scale drawings for clients and together with a team of installers I can assist in siting and installing work.

My work in gardens is often a cross between sculptural and practical. Though there are often areas of a garden design that lend themselves to pure sculpture I believe that decorative handrails, arches, gates and trellises can also be sculptural.