Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue
Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue
Address: Marlborough House
8, Augustus Gardens,
Postcode: GU15 1HL
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Telephone: 01276 676295 Mobile: 07952639849
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Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue treats and cares for sick wildlife and 
rehabilitates to release back into the wild.  We have  accommodation 
for various wildlife but specializes in Hedgehogs, Otters, Badgers 
and Foxes. We are based in Camberley in Surrey . we cover much of 
Hampshire and Berkshire regularly. We conduct  talks in  school and 
children group  to aid in Wildlife education for the young.

Mission statement and Help Wanted

We are committed to the preservation of wildlife in its natural environment.

We are committed to encouraging through knowledge the integration of wildlife into our countryside’s and gardens along side us in a natural balance.

We are committed to talking in schools reaching the next generation and via worksheets, direct animal contacts and talks to promote the harmony of humans and wildlife environments.To encourage children to care for their environment and reduce the use of pesticides.We are committed to removing the myths that surround our spectacular wildlife and encouraging the next generation to learn and understand that a garden can be balanced and are a great environment for both humans and our native wildlife.

We are committed to wildlife conservation.

Mobile number  07717 591 302
Tel. 01276 676295

Anyone able to help and promote this type of activity in schools with us should contact us . We encourage newspapers and media to promote this ethos wherever possible. Please contact us if you would like us to talk in your school.

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Wildlife Ponds and gardens

Childsafe and school ponds


Toad & Frog


Tortoise Fox and Deer

Biomagnification & Chlorides


Any animal or bird removed should be kept warm, quiet and protected from constant human contact in something like a dark box.

Being in contact with a human is an extremely stressful experience for any animal. This animal should be brought to us or you local wildlife centre. If you are bringing an animal to us please make sure the box is secure when transporting in the car.

On the following pages there are some pointers on various wildlife to enable you to deal with your encounter.

Mobile no. for emergency help for a sick or injured animal 07952639849

Other websites for general help and information

Contact Us:
Marlborough House
8, Augustus Gardens,

Tel :      01276 676295

Mobile:  07952639849

Fax         01276 25255

Donations can be made payable to harperaspreywildliferescue