country garden with natural stream
country garden with natural stream
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A child-friendly garden in a rural setting

The main feature of the property is a natural stream which flows into the garden, forming a pond in the front before winding its way past the house and out through the back garden. The drive and entrance were changed to allow easier access from the road and to provide some space for visitors’ cars. The front lawn was levelled to reduce the risk of flooding from the pond and the existing bridge crossing the stream rebuilt to include a sluice gate to control the flow of water. The stream, which had previously been covered over in the back garden, was exposed and the sides rebuilt in Cotswold stone. For safety reasons access to the stream was limited by paling fencing, which could be removed at a later date when the children were older. Immediately outside the back of the house a large terrace with planting areas features cycle tracks for the children and provides somewhere for adults to sit within view of the safe enclosed play area for the children.


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