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The fifth Brickell Award for the top NCCPG National Plant Collection® Holder is today being presented to Beryl Bland, for her work on the Ligulatae Group of the genus Saxifraga,  better known to gardeners as Silver Saxifrages. The Award recognises the extensive and vital work undertaken by Collection Holders in conservation, nomenclature, education and horticultural practice.  It Instituted 2003 as part of the NCCPG’s jubilee, the Award is given for excellence in cultivated plant conservation, and is presented by Dr Christopher Brickell, a founding member of NCCPG* and currently one of its vice-presidents. 
In presenting Beryl Bland with her silver medal and certificate, Dr Brickell commented:  “Beryl's work on this group of plants is very widely recognised and appreciated by growers of these very attractive rock garden plants and she has achieved this award not only for her skill in cultivation but also for her excellent research and field work on the group as well as her meticulous plant records and the quality of her publications on Silver Saxifrages.  In addition she continues to expand and develop the collection and freely provides advice to gardeners on cultivation and nomenclature as the International Registrar for the genus Saxifraga. My warmest congratulations to her as a very worthy fifth recipient of the Brickell Award.”
 The awarding committee consider factors including the collection’s completeness in representing the genus; previous and present research being undertaken including national and international fieldwork; record-keeping including herbarium specimens; published information including articles and websites; accessibility of the collection and services rendered to horticulture and to the NCCPG.  Previous years’ winners are Sylvia Norton for Lathyrus (excluding L. odoratus cvs); Dr John Vanderplank for Passiflora;  Henry Noblett for Astilbe, and Dr Henry Oakley for Lycaste, Ide Anguloa. 
 There are now 650 NCCPG National Plant Collections® across the UK and Ireland, covering plants ranging from Abelia to Zephyranthes, all of which are accessible to the general public on specific open days, and at other times by appointment.  The NCCPG also operates 40 area groups which run regular meetings, lectures and other activities including specialist plant sales, and whose members include a mix of gardeners, both professional and amateur;  horticulturalists, researchers and designers.