Hebe Society
Hebe Society
Address: Mr Tony Hayter - Secretary
20 Beech Farm Drive
SK10 2ER
Telephone: 01625 611062
Website: Please Click Here
The Hebe Society was founded in 1985 and is a British Registered Charity. It is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and the New Zealand Alpine Garden Society. Most members are in the British Isles, but some are in the rest of Europe, North America and New Zealand.

Although initially formed for those interested in hebes, the Society now supports the cultivation and conservation of all New Zealand plants.


Starter Pack
New members receive:
– recent copies of 'Hebe News'
– bibliography of books on hebes and other New Zealand plants
– a hebe cultivation booklet

Society activities include
Cuttings exchange
Assisting identification and encouraging correct naming
Registration of new cultivars
Reference collections at Rosewarne, Cornwall
Other national collections
Exhibits at shows
Hebe of the Year promotion
Spring meeting and AGM
Encouragement of local groups
Garden open days
Quarterly magazine
Other publications

Who’s Who
President – Chris Brickell
Chairman – Graham Hutchins
Secretary – Tony Hayter
Treasurer – Val Haywood
Membership Secretary – Ginny Smith
Registrar & Recorder – Gwen Scoble
Editor & Webmaster – Tony Hayter
Collections Co-ordinator – Nigel Hutchinson
Trade Growers – Martin Searle

Committee Members
Dorothy Haydock
Diana Packham

Quarterly magazine Hebe News
Cumulative index to Hebe News
Bibliography of books on hebes and other New Zealand plants
Booklet on the cultivation of hebes and parahebes
A Bibliography of Hebe, Heliohebe and Parahebe Species and Cultivar Names from Selected Early Botanical, Horticultural and Gardening Periodicals

Previous Hebe Society websites were at:

Registered Charity No 801398