Little Moreton Hall
Little Moreton Hall
Address: Little Moreton Hall
Postcode: CW12 4SD
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Little Moreton Hall

Moated manor house -- the 'icon' of English Tudor domestic architecture

This is Britain's most famous and arguably finest timber-framed manor house. The drunkenly reeling south front, topped by a spectacular long gallery, opens onto a cobbled courtyard and the main body of the Hall. Magnificent wall paintings and a notable knot garden are of special interest

Name and credits for images of Little Moreton Hall
Reference: 98747
Description of image -  The Knot Garden at Little Moreton Hall looking south, with its Dwarf Box hedges and regular patterns.
Reference: 98744
Description of image -  The outside of Little Moreton Hall, revealing its timber framed structure with diagonal bracing andquatrefoils.
Credit for photograph: Rupert Truman
Copyright: ©NTPL/Rupert Truman
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