The right tool for the job will always get that job done faster and more efficiently. It’s far easier to do that pruning with the right garden tool, rather than struggling on with a pair of inadequate secateurs and a lot of elbow grease! So if you’re keen to get on in the garden, it’s really worth having decent garden tools. We’ve done enough gardening with ‘not-quite-good-enough’ tools to work that one out! We’ve gathered together an extensive list of garden tool suppliers, which update constantly, so that you can find all the best garden tools at some great prices. Keep an eye out for even more great deals in our Monthly Best Gardening offers.

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You Garden
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Sneeboer Tools
Sneeboer Tools - Sneeboer have a reputation within the world of gardening tools which is second to none and we're sure grow-your-own enthusiasts, vegetable growers and gardeners in general will be flocking to add one or more of these supremely high quality gardening tools to their tool store, potting shed or greenhouse. Still hand-forged to this day in Holland, the tools are a result of requests from local market gardeners for equipment they could rely upon - and with that kind of testimony, you can be sure you're getting a whole lot of product for your money! And on the subject of cash, we're sure you'll be equally delighted to find that all of these Sneeboer tools - and racks in which to store them - are discounted; there really has never been a better opportunity to sample just how good these tools are!
Sneeboer Space Saving Large Tool Rack  £16.45
This Sneeboer Space Saving Tool Rack will hold four full sized Sneeboer tools with 'T' handles, freeing up valuable storage space in your potting shed and keeping the gaulaity, hand-forged garden tools out of harm's way and in tip-top condition. The rack itself is made from top grade pine and beechwood dowels hold the handles of the tools safely in position.

Sale Price £16.45 - Save £1 on the previous price!
Sneeboer Indoor Tool Set  £48.95
Take the Sneeboer quality inside with this Sneeboer Indoor Tool Set; the perfect way to tend your indoor house plants, conservatory pots or any other small scale gardening tasks. The set includes three extremely useful tools; the mini two-pronged fork measures 27cm overall; there's a 22cm long trowel and a three-tined claw cultivator (20cm in length), all of which are hand forged in the traditional Sneeboer manner.

Set of 3 Tools now only £48.95 - down from £54.95!
Sneeboer Right Handed Potting Trowel  from £19.50
Do you recognise this problem? When you are repotting your plants, does more of the compost fall beside the pot than into it? With this new design trowel from Sneeboer we think we have solved that problem by allowing a simple 'turn of the wrist' to do the job. A left handed version is also available.

Sneeboer Potting Trowels now only £19.50 - while stocks last!
Sneeboer Von Lindern Cultivator  £23.00
Based on a design dating back to 1890, the Sneeboer Von Lindern Cultivator is a fierce looking soil cultivator with five very sharp tines, well capable of breaking and loosening up the most compacted of garden soil. The leaf-shaped head gives the tool and attractive look when not in use and a combination of the cherry wood handle and hand forged stainless steel head ensures this tool will last for years. Overall length is 26cm; tines measure 3cm in depth and the head is 12cm long.

Save £5 - prices reduced!
Sneeboer Dutch Hoe  £30.95
The Sneeboer Dutch Hoe is - unsuprisingly - a design of garden hoe born in the Netherlands and now popular with gardeners around the world, thanks in the main to the forward facing 14cm wide blade which slices through established and seedling-stage weeds. The ash handle is both strong, smooth and long enough to give you enough leverage to guide the hoe on, or just below, the soil surface but this is hoeing with a smile on your face; it's not strenuous and you don't leave a furrow to show where you've been! The overall length of this carefully designed and manufactured enemy of weeds is 171cm.

Price Cut! Sneeboer Dutch Hoe now only £30.95 - a saving of £7.95!
Sneeboer Large Tool Rack  £6.95
Say goodbye to tool storage problems with the help of the Sneeboer Large Tool Rack; a wall-mounted, top quality pine and beech wooden rack which can be easily fixed up in a potting shed or tool store and which will hold four large 'T' handled Sneeboer garden tools. The 10cm deep by 60cm wide rack is supplied without fixings but is simple to install and will store your valued Sneeboer tools in safety for years and years.

Save Space and Money! Sneeboer Large Tool Rack reduced by £3!
Sneeboer Hand Tool Rack  £8.95
Losing or misplacing hand tools in the garden or even in the potting shed is both easy to do and infuriating - especially when you've urgent garden matters to attend to - so the Sneeboer Hand Tool Rack will be a very welcome addition to to the tool shed. Capable of holding five Sneeboer hand tools, courtesy of the top quality pine and beech wood finish, the 10cm deep by 60cm wide rack is easily fixed to a wall (fixings are not included) and will play a major part in organising and tidying up your shed!

Sneeboer Hand Tool Rack now only £8.95 - was £10.95!
Sneeboer Hand Cultivator  £22.50
Literally 'claw' back control of your garden with the Sneeboer Hand Cultivator; a fearsome, three-tined hand tool which is perfectly designed for loosening border and vegetable patch soil prior to planting and is equally adept at removing weeds and other unwanted plants and debris. Vital statistics; the three stainless steel tines are sharpened to a point, each measure 6cm in length and the cherry wood handle is 12cm long.

Reduced Prices! Sneeboer Hand Cultivator now only £22.50!
Sneeboer Perennial Spade  £25.95
So called because it was designed to divide perennial shrubs, the dwarf-sized Sneeboer Perennial Spade is a welcome and most useful addition to any garden. Measuring 55cm overall, the pointed perennial spade - a smaller version of the Sneeboer Pointed Spade - is equally suited to dividing shrubs, lifting bulbs, digging planting holes and generally working in areas where a full size spade would be too cumbersome.

Small spade - small price! Save £4 while stocks last!
Sneeboer Ground Elder Fork  £34.95
Although the name is quite specific, don't be fooled into thinking that the Sneeboer Ground Elder Fork is a one-trick pony; this versatile little fork is extremely useful for a vast array of garden tasks where care and attention are paramount. There's no escaping the fact the design is particularly suited to removing the deep roots of ground elder but the gently curved, 13cm long tines are of use almost anywhere in the garden; and with a short 51cm handle, you'll be right on top of your job!

Don't 'fork' out hard earned cash! Sneeboer Ground Elder Fork reduced by £5! 

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