The Water Garden

  • 4 June 2021 4:54 pm


The Water Garden

Leslie Geddes-Brown

Price £29.95

Published: March 2008


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This new book be celebrated gardens expert and writer Leslie Geddes-Brown is a celebration of water gardens worldwide, from the Far East to North America and from Britain and Europe to North Africa and the Middles East.

Featuring water gardens of all types from Oriental and Islamic to romantic and formal, and from landscape gardens to town gardens, The Water Garden traces the history of water gardens up to the most avant-garde creations by twenty first century designers. Including the work of such celebrated designers as Harold Peto, Geoffrey Jellico, Helen Dillon and Derek Jarman, this beautiful and valuable book is a delightful reference to garden lovers everywhere.

The Water Garden also includes an international plant directory, a guide to water gardens open to the public and full contact details of all the contemporary designers featured.
Leslie Geddes-Brown, former Deputy Editor of World of Interiors and Country Life magazine, is a leading writer on gardening and interior design.

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