Creating Your Garden Farm by Nicki Trench

  • 4 June 2021 4:56 pm


Creating Your Garden Farm
How to grow fruit and vegetables, and to raise chickens and bees

Nicki Trench

Publication Date: February 2010 Price: £19.99, hb, orig.

“Garden Farming can be daunting but the secret is in the planning: go to the shop or browse the catalogue with a list. Think about what types of produce you want to grow – what vegetables you eat, the space you have available and the time you can commit….”
(Introduction – Nicki Trench)

In her new book Creating Your Garden Farm (CICO Books, £19.99, hb), Nicki Trench shows how even a novice gardener can successfully grow vegetables, fruit and herbs, and even raise chickens and bees. Step-by-step, Nicki takes you through the process of how to begin to create your very own garden farm.

Nicki firstly explains how to begin with a comprehensive run-down of all the essentials on growing your own crops, from planning your garden to crop rotation, planting seedlings, feeding and watering, dealing with pests and looking after tools and equipment. With only the most basic of equipment required – a garden fork, a trowel and a watering can – there is no excuse to get started! As Nicki suggests ‘starting off with a vegetable garden is one of the most enjoyable things in life, and with a little thought and planning, you’ll be set up for the foreseeable future. After all, a well planted vegetable garden is a beautiful sight and many communities are reappearing due to sharing their successful harvests’.

Nicki also shows you how to make compost and set up a wormery, and gives detailed advice on which fruit, vegetable and herbs you may wish to grow, plus information on keeping goats and pigs, bee keeping and rearing chickens for fresh eggs.

Creating Your Own Garden Farm gives you a taste of the good life that is easy, satisfying and inexpensive to achieve! Seeds are surprisingly cheap to buy, so you can experiment with new varieties as well as growing your favourites. By growing your own, you can ensure that your crops are organic, and Nicki gives advice on how to feed your plants and deal with pests organically.

Nicki’s practical easy-to-follow style makes the whole process achievable and fun. If you dream of growing, harvesting and eating your own produce, then look no further than Creating Your Own Garden Farm.

Author Details
Nicki Trench initially founded Laughing Hens, an online business selling yarns and fabrics. She is an expert crafter and vegetable grower and author of several bestselling books including Sweet Temptation and Super-cute Crochet, both published by CICO Books, 2009.
She also teaches in Hen Keeping and Crafts and writes freelance for Practical Poultry and several Craft magazines. Nicki lives in East Sussex, England.