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We thought these Log Cabins were such good value that we have bought two ourselves and are so impressed with them both as a work space and their value that we have teamed up with Garden Buildings Direct – so if you are interested in a Log Cabin, a Garden Office or a shed as per our offices above or some other examples shown below CLICK THROUGH ON THE Garden Buildings Direct BANNER above

Not so long ago gardens were exclusively for leisure. For lying around in, pottering in, eating al fresco, barbecues, bonfires, boules and swingball. But as 2009 progresses the picture is looking very different. Once a haven of relaxation, gardens are turning into hives of activity as people all over the UK go to work in the garden. As the recession points Britain towards a new way of living, people want much more from their green spaces. These days, in addition to a lawn, shrubs and flowers, many people are serious about growing their own produce and keeping chickens, others are bringing their businesses home to their gardens. Just like our ancestors in pre-industrial revolution agrarian communities, we’re returning to our roots. Not so much a nation of shopkeepers, more a nation of smallholders as we spend more time working at home, from home and in our homes!

An amazing 4.2m businesses in the UK employ less than 10 people and in today’s unpredictable economic climate, many small businesses are strengthening their financial position by taking their business home. It is no longer just the self-employed and home-workers who run their businesses from home. Micro businesses are also saying goodbye to rented offices in town centres and taking their staff home with them to a fully functional home office at the bottom of the garden.

billyoh_billyoh-village-hall-log-cabinm.jpg billyoh_billyoh-kent-log-cabin-newm.jpg

billyoh_billyoh-woodland-officem.jpg billyoh_billyoh-acorn-pavilion-log-cabinm.jpg

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