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If you want to grow your own fruit and vegetables seeds and plugs are your two options. Many seeds, such as peas, beans, carrots, radishes and so on, can be sown directly where you want to grow them, which makes the job all the easier. To get a good early start, a greenhouse is a bonus if you want to grow tomatoes, peppers and chillis. Take a look at our range of greenhouses – we have walk-in ones if you have the room, but there is also a good selection of smaller varieties, which can be packed away once your seeds are plants and have got a place in the garden. If you’re a beginner, ordering plug plants removes the first step – you don’t have to worry about nurturing seedlings, as plug plants are ready to be popped into he ground, growbag, or container. Also a good choice if you enter the growing season a bit late.

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To help you enjoy the thrill of grow your own (we are big fans ourselves), we’ve thought of everything you might need for your own vegetable or fruit garden, found the best suppliers and the best prices – so you can concentrate on the good stuff. Enjoy!

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Grow your own fruit and vegetables – not just because of the so-called credit crunch but because you can grow great tasting fruit and vegetables whether you have a small courtyard garden, a town garden or a rural plot to develop – and they taste delicious. Here on THE Gardening WEBSITE we have arranged all the equipment, products and of course the plants and seeds that you need to enjoy and make your garden, whatever size, productive and delivering great food at great prices.

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Fruit Cages – Steel Fruit Cages – Decorative Steel Fruit Cages – Aluminium Fruit Cates – Timber Fruit Cages – Steel Vegetable and Strawberry Cages – Aluminium Vegetable and Strawberry Cages

Patio Gardening – Lean to Greenhouses – Mini Allotment Timber Raised BedsMini Standard Timber Raised Beds – Strawberry Tower – Victorian Style Potato Barrel – Potato Patio Planter – Tomato Planter – Tomato Growing Spire – Potato Planter – Herb Planter – Salad Planter

Raised Bed Gardening – Timber Raised Beds – Plastic Raised Beds – Raised Beds In Small Spaces – Raised Bed Accessories

Compost Bins – Compost Tumblers – Wooden Compost Bins – Wormeries – Kitchen Composters and Caddies – Composting Accessories

Fruit Presses – Wooden Fruit Boxes – Fruit Crusher – Fruit Press – Straining Bags – Stackable Space-saving Apple Rack – Fruit Picker Basket – Traditional Apple Racks

Garden Netting – Bird Netting and Fruit Cage Netting – Butterfly Netting – Insect Protection Netting – Insulating Fleece and Plant Cosies – Ground Cover and Mulching Fabrics – Animal Protection Netting – Pond Protection Netting – Plant Support Netting – Poultry Netting – Netting Accessories

Garden Tools – Sneeboer range of hand forged quality stainless steel gardening tools – Wilkinson Sword Gardening Tools – Wolf Gardening Tools – Felco Garden Tools – Wheelbarrows – Carts – Tool Aprons – Edging Shears

Organic Feed and Fertiliser

Organic Pest Control

Organic Vegetable seeds and Plug Plants – Organic Vegetable, Salad and Herb Plug Plant Collections – Organic Vegetables Seeds – Organic Leafy Salad Seeds – Organic Herb Seeds

Planters and Containers – Vegetable and Herb Planters – Hanging Basket – Pot Holders – Decorative Planters – Longtom Terracotta Pots – Kew Glazed Pots

Plant Protection – Fruit Tree Protector – Insulating Fleece and Plant Cosies – Crop Protection Tunnels and Hoops – Ground Cover and Mulching Fabrics – Cloches – Netting – Insect Mesh Protection Netting – Netting Accessories

Plant Supports – Decorative Plant Supports – Link Stakes – Plant Support Systems – Y Stakes – Grow Through Rings – Border Restraints – Shrub Supports – Loop Stakes – Obelisks

Pond Care

Top Soil ImproversRolawn Topsoil and Soil Improver – New Horizon Organic and Peat Free Growbag – Garden Mulch – Wormcast Organic Fertiliser

WateringWater Butts – Gutter Mate – Harcostar 700 Litre Rainwater Tank – Harcostar Space Saver 100 Litre/22 Gallon Water Butt – Harcostar Water Storage Systems – 350 Litre Harcostar Water Butt – 235 Litre/52 Gallon Black Oak Effect Water Butt – 227 Litre/50 gallon genuine ex-distillery oak barrel water butt – Water Butt Border Watering Kit – Large Water Butt Pump – Water Butt Pump – Water Green Recycling – Universal Water Butt Soaker Hose Kits – Harcostar Downpipe Connector Rain TrapHarcostar Water Butt Linking Kit – Water Butt Overflow Kit – Haws Watering Cans – Hosepipe and Hose Reel Holders – Micro Irrigation – Automatic Watering Systems – Self Watering Products – Greenhouse Watering – Hose Mounted Sprayers – Hosepipe Connectors

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