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To save you time and have your garden looking just the way you want it, look for that special plant at one of the garden nurseries listed on The Gardening Website. We have more than 900 listed, but you can search all the garden nurseries by plant speciality – so if you’re passionate about penstemons, or crazy about chrysanthemums, you can easily identify just the right garden nursery to find that special plant you’re after. Perhaps you are looking for fruit bushes, or even trees.

We have everything from carnivorous plants and cactus, to orchids, herbs and grasses. Maybe you want instant impact in a new garden – then look for garden nurseries that supply mature specimen plants. This is the place to hunt down just the right thing – your perfect garden is just a couple of clicks away! Please remember that garden nurseries may not be open during normal opening hours, or may only sell via mail order or to the trade. Check online or call the garden nursery to check before setting out – we’d hate you to have a wasted journey!


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