Onion and Leek Seeds

  • 4 June 2021 4:58 pm


Onion and Leek Seeds – our organic onion and leek seeds have been specially selected to give you a wide variety of produce – from tender spring onions to hardy winter leeks – and every chance of a successful harvest of these versatile and traditional mainstays of the vegetable patch, allotment and kitchen garden. You’ll find red, white and spring onions along with baby and full sized leeks in our selection, giving you the opportunity to produce alliums which add real interest to your salads and soups.
What’s more, all of our onion and leek seeds have attained Soil Association organic status and are of the highest quality, and we’ve got almost all you’ll need to care for your crops – including a specialist onion hoe, fertiliser and onion nets for storage – so all you need to do is prepare the fertile and well-drained soil in which they flourish in and watch the plants race away! There’s even a seed sowing and growing guide on every product page to help you produce enough home-grown leeks and onions to last all summer, winter and spring!