Sandstone floor tiles are among the most sought-after and preferred in the market, as they are perfect for both traditional and contemporary interiors. These tiles are renowned for their functional, aesthetic, and environmental qualities. Which is also why you can find sandstone floor tiles in most home décor settings.

But have you ever wondered why sandstone floor tiles are always a constant presence in contemporary and traditional interiors?

Well, here we discuss the unique qualities of sandstone tiles that make them a widely popular choice for all types of home décor styles.


Qualities of Sandstone Floor Tiles

Here are a few reasons that we have learned why both traditional and contemporary interior décor enthusiasts prefer sandstone floor tiles to decorate their homes and office spaces.

Sandstone is stunningly splendorous.

Sandstone is blessed with unique patterns, intricate textures, and impressive colors. These aesthetic qualities give the stone a natural and distinct appeal, making it suitable for all types of interior décor styles.

Their warm and earthy tones fit the inviting ambiance of traditional décor. And Sandstone’s natural and organic look complements the more sophisticated look of contemporary décor.

And the overall chic look of the stone is ideal in any décor environment.

1.    It sports a timeless elegance

Sandstone tiles can be found in most of the ancient palaces, castles, and buildings. This cements its stature as a popular building material for centuries, making it a timeless piece for décor.

It has a classical appearance which is a singular trait of traditional interior settings that can invoke a sense of history and tradition.

At the same time, sandstone is also able to boundlessly slip into the modern vibes of minimalist, contemporary settings.

2.    Blessed with colors and patterns

No one can deny the fact that sandstone is rich in unique colors and patterns. It is available in various colors, including beige, tan, brown, red, yellow, etc. This wide range of options enables sandstone to suit diverse aesthetic languages of various interior design schemes.

Sandstone’s patterns ensure that each tile is different from the next but collectively work together to invoke a sense of elegance and beauty.

Being able to add a distinct personality and visual interest to the décor, it fits the heavy style of the traditional décor, all the while blending into the more eclectic style of modern décor.

3.    Striking texture and tactility

Texture and tactility are not the first qualities that pop into your mind when you think of floor tiles. But sandstone is very different in that category. With a slightly rough texture, sandstone enhances its aesthetic appeal and provides a pleasant tactile experience underfoot.

This surely adds a distinctive personality to not just the floor but also to the entire décor setting.  Without a doubt, this adds more drama to the décor, which is something traditional décor enthusiasts would love.

To the credit of the stone, the same characteristics are also able to add a natural charm to the space, which is welcomed by contemporary décor themes.

4.    Excellent strength and durability

Everyone who knows about sandstone would agree that they are highly durable and sturdy. This quality makes it an ideal choice for flooring in high-traffic areas in both traditional and modern décor settings.

Naturally strong and hard-wearing, sandstone can last in any decor setting, making it remain a functional and long-lasting flooring option.

Whether you are going for a traditional or modern décor setting, sandstone floor tile can meet any challenging wear and tear conditions.

5.    Highly versatile and flexible

It is hard for anyone to find a natural stone floor tile that is as versatile and flexible as sandstone. It can be easily used in any interior design style without making it look even slightly out of place.

When it comes to traditional décor, which wears a rustic or vintage look in its style, sandstone floor tile can bring the same classy feel. At the same time, these tiles can also fall perfectly into the warmth and beauty that modern décor themes demand.

It becomes easy for a homeowner to use sandstone in any décor setting without having to worry whether it fits the overall aesthetics of the décor or not.

6.    Low maintenance and easy to clean

Sandstone floor tiles are easy to maintain with regular sweeping and occasional cleaning. It can be done with dish soap and water.

This practicality appeals to traditional homeowners, who may prefer the simple and low maintenance offered by the sandstone tile. And contemporary homeowners would also like sandstone as easy maintenance is efficient and convenient for them.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that they can get easily stained due to their porous nature.

How to Choose the Best Sandstone Floor Tile for Any Décor Style

Whether you want to choose sandstone floor tiles for traditional or contemporary décor setting, you must pay attention to the following while looking to buy them:

  • Evaluate your project requirements first and plan your purchase accordingly.
  • Check the color and pattern you want to go with before finalizing the tile.
  • Consider the area where you want to use the tile as it can be slippery when wet.
  • Check the sandstone finishes available as it comes with various finishes.
  • Calculate the area and choose the right sandstone floor tile size to avoid wastage.
  • Keep your budget in mind when looking to buy the tile to not exceed your budget.
  • If you are working on a huge project, it would also be good to consult an expert.


There is no doubt that sandstone floors can blend perfectly with any type of décor language or style. However, to ensure that you are picking up the right sandstone style for your décor project, talk to an expert. At The Stone Flooring, we have experienced professionals who can help you.

If you have already made up your mind about sandstone floor tiles, explore our collection to find stunning tiles to fit your home décor goals and preferences. We only sell ethical stone sourced by caring for the environment and safety of our workers.