Adding a shower to your garden is a fantastic way to enhance your outdoor living space. Whether you want a place to rinse off after a swim, wash off gardening dirt, or simply enjoy an al fresco shower experience, a garden shower can be a great addition. Here’s a detailed guide on how to install a garden shower, from planning to enjoying your first shower.

Planning Your Garden Shower

The first step is to decide where to install your garden shower. When choosing the location, consider factors such as privacy, proximity to your water supply, and drainage. Ideally, the location should be shielded from neighbors’ views. You may want to install a privacy screen or use existing structures like fences and walls. The spot should also be close to your water supply to simplify plumbing. Ensure the area has good drainage to prevent water pooling, which might require installing a gravel pit or connecting to an existing drainage system.

Next, select the type of shower that best suits your needs. There are various types of garden showers to choose from, including freestanding showers, which are portable and easy to install; wall-mounted showers, which are attached to an exterior wall and connected to the indoor plumbing; and solar showers, which are environmentally friendly options that use solar energy to heat the water.

Gathering Materials and Tools

Before starting the installation, gather all the necessary materials and tools. You’ll need a shower unit, plumbing pipes and fittings, a hose or connectors for the water supply, gravel or a drainage solution, and a privacy screen if needed. Basic tools such as a wrench, screwdriver, drill, and level will be essential, along with protective gear like gloves and safety glasses. If you’re looking to enhance your garden shower experience, consider checking out the variety of shower pumps on sale.

Installing the Shower

Step-by-Step Installation

To prepare the site, start by clearing the area of any plants, debris, or obstacles. Ensure the ground is level to provide a stable base for the shower. When it comes to plumbing, begin by shutting off the water supply to avoid accidents. Connect the shower unit to the garden hose or the plumbing system depending on your shower type. For a permanent installation, you might need to run a pipe from the main water line to the shower location. Before securing everything, turn the water supply back on and check for leaks.

For the installation of the shower unit, mount the shower if you’re using a wall-mounted type. Drill holes and use anchors to secure the unit to the wall. For freestanding units, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to stabilize the shower. Once mounted, turn on the water to ensure the shower works properly, and there are no leaks.

Creating proper drainage is crucial. You can dig a shallow pit filled with gravel to allow water to drain efficiently. If connecting to a drainage system, ensure the pipe is properly sloped for water to flow away from the shower area.

Adding Finishing Touches

To enhance privacy and comfort, install a screen or use plants to create a secluded shower area. Place a wooden or rubber mat to stand on, keeping your feet clean and comfortable, and add hooks or shelves for soap, shampoo, and towels. Aesthetic enhancements can further elevate your garden shower experience. Surround the shower with plants for a lush, natural feel, and install outdoor lights for a functional and appealing evening shower experience.

Enjoying Your Garden Shower

Once everything is installed, it’s time to enjoy your new garden shower. The refreshing experience of showering outdoors, combined with the convenience it offers, will make all the effort worthwhile. Regular maintenance, such as checking for leaks and ensuring good drainage, will keep your garden shower in top condition for years to come.


Installing a garden shower is a rewarding DIY project that enhances your outdoor space, providing a unique and enjoyable way to connect with nature. Follow these steps, and soon, you’ll be basking in the luxury of your very own outdoor shower.