Modern flower pots are not just containers for plants; they are real works of art that should be in every home or garden. There are some amazing trough garden planters in the UK that are amazing in their style and design. You can not only decorate your interior or exterior, but also create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Let’s take a look at the trough types and learn why to buy them, how and where to use them.

Why trough planters are so popular?

Trough flower pots are rectangular shape of vertical or horizontal type. Such models may have a pattern, inclusions and bulges, but they are very stable and reliable. Their advantage is ease of use; you can put it on the veranda, windowsill, steps or along the paths in the garden. But there are also other reasons why such pots are in demand:

  • Despite the large selection of sizes and materials, this form of pots is very mobile. You can move it from place to place if you need to move the plants from the garden to the house or find a better stand for them.
  • Versatility in location. Rectangular types look very neat and do not take up much space. You can choose any place in the room and the pot will not bother you.
  • Many models often have their own trays so you don’t have to look for a saucer to keep excess moisture out of the pot.
  • Large selection of the quality UK materials for home and outdoor use. Often it is not only plastic with cheap price but also high-quality ceramics. Sometimes it is fiberglass or concrete with a high weather resistance.

Often flowers are grown in such pots for outdoor gardening, landscaping summer grounds. You will be able to grow not only plants or flowers, but also herbs, herbs, seedlings for the garden and much more. The compact size won’t take up much space along a wall or fence. Flowers in a rectangular pot can be rearranged in a room, taken outside, hung on a balcony, arch or wall.

7 places to install trough planters

In your home you will find the perfect place to put a flower pot in this shape. This is convenient because it is elongated and will not interfere with movement between rooms. Choose places on the floor, in a corner, in narrow corridors, on a window, balcony or window sill. But in the garden, you have more options for standing these pots. Let’s find the 7 best places to stand trough planters.

  1. If you do not have time to deal with flower beds, then a flower pot will be a great solution. Put it near the main entrance to the house. This will create a soft and friendly atmosphere for guests and family. This is the most classic landscape and architectural method.
  2. Buy and place these pots along the fence. Plants or flowers can be anything from large and lush to tall and thin. Trough planters do not take up much space, so you can put several models along the fence. A good choice is wooden pots against a wooden fence. You can put them on the ground or use brackets and hang them.
  3. If you’re lucky with the size of your garden, place a few rectangular pots along your garden paths. It can be medium sizes or small types, the atmosphere of such paths will become fabulous. You can also add some solar-powered garden lanterns and place them between the pots. You can choose taller models to create an authentic border.
  4. If you have a recreational area, such as a green area with a lawn or a gazebo, then put the pots around. This will create a more pleasant and cozy atmosphere so that you can rest and relax. A barbecue or patio area will become much brighter and more beautiful if you put flower pots there and a rectangular shape will be the most optimal so as not to take up much space for movement.
  5. Some garden designers in the UK suggest that clients create herb area. That is, you just find a corner for growing fresh greens and herbs. Trough planters are the ideal choice because they are easy to use and have cheap price; choose standard small types so you can easily control the growth and watering of your herbs. You can also set up a bench or swing to enjoy the scent of herbs every day. Of course, you can put such pots on the kitchen table or choose a place on the window to always cut fresh herbs and enjoy fragrant fresh herbal tea.
  6. If you have narrow spaces between the house and garden buildings, then add some bright colors there. Buy and put there elongated flower pots with small but bright plants.
  7. Small artificial reservoir. If you choose a larger pot, you can dig it halfway into the ground and create an interesting little pond with artificial lilies.

Standard places for installing such pots are a garden, courtyard, terrace, veranda, windows, and so on. There are a lot of creative ideas, the range of these types of pots is very huge and the price is affordable. You can mix sizes, styles and colors to decorate your home and garden. Buy such types and grow more than just plants or herbs. Mobile trough planters are also handy for growing vegetables, and small, easy-to-carry pots are great for seedlings. By purchasing these forms of pots in the UK, you will find them worthy of use both inside the house and outside.