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  • 4 June 2021 4:46 pm
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Waltons wide range of log cabins

Bespoke Log Cabins
Here at Walton’s we are proud to offer a Bespoke Log Cabin Service to our customers. Our bespoke service lets you design the right building for your garden and needs. You can choose the size, type, style and additional features to suit your needs and garden.





Designing Your Log Cabin
A Bespoke Log Cabin PDF form is downloadable from this page. The PDF form helps you specify the size, shape, style and key features of the building you would like made. You will be able to specify the features you would like for your building including the style of windows and the thickness of cladding. We manufacture a wide range of buildings in specialized shapes including cross and t-shaped log cabins. Feel free to send us as many PDF forms as you would like as there is no charge or obligation for creating a quote.

Our bespoke log cabins are truly bespoke letting you choose the right features to suit your needs. We ensure your log cabin has all the features you desire and is perfect before manufacturing begins. If you have any queries or need help filling out the bespoke form feel free to contact our experienced customer service advisors.

3D Drawing & Final Specification
3D Drawing of Log CabinOur design team will take the information from your PDF form and construct a 3D digital model. The 3D model will then be sent to you with an initial quote; the quote will also include the cost of delivering the building. You then have a chance to make any changes to the building; when the building and quote has been approved manufacturing will then commence.

We manufacture all bespoke log cabins in our own factory so you can ensure the building you wanted is made to your specifications. We take a full payment before manufacturing begins. If the building is cancelled within the first 2 weeks only 50% of the payment is refunded so please make sure you are happy with everything before you make any payments.

Delivery and Planning Permission
After your bespoke log cabin has been manufactured it will be delivered to your home. Our log cabins are easy to build and will be supplied with a full fixing kit and instructions. For an additional cost you can have your bespoke log cabin installed by our professional installation team.

We always advise that you check with your local planning office before placing an order for a bespoke log cabin. Planning laws can differ from area to area in the UK so it is worth checking with your local planning office before placing an order. Your local planning office should give you relevant information for the guidelines in your area. Your local planning office will also be able to guide you through the planning application process is permission is needed.

Specification and Quality
All our bespoke log cabins are made with high quality tongue and groove cladding. Tongue and groove cladding interlocks creating a strong and durable garden building. We offer three thickness options for our bespoke log cabins; 44mm, 58mm and 77mm. With larger buildings a thicker cladding might be needed to help support a larger roof structure.

We only use the highest quality timber when manufacturing our bespoke log cabins. The timber we use has also been FSC certified. The FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) ensures the timber we used has been sourced from ethically managed forests so we know the timber we use is environmentally friendly.