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Welcome to Metal Art UK, a website dedicated to the work of the Thai sculpture artist Mai Sudjai.

Our Scrap Metal Sculptures represent the best in Metal Art


Mai, and his team produce a constantly changing array of scrap metal sculptures, ranging in height from 20 cm, to over 2 metres. Each is unique, and of the highest quality.

As an artist, Mai works very closely with his team of skilled welders to ensure that each sculpture meets with his very high standards of workmanship.

Much of Mai’s inspiration comes from the movie industry, where popularity of the numerous fictional characters, and creatures make them ideal candidates.

From an idea he first sketches out basic design details on paper, including notes of suitable metal components. This is then given to one or more of his team to source the actual parts to be used, and create more detailed sketches. Searching through the local scrap yards can be a lengthy process, and often several trips are necessary during the build of a large sculpture. After collecting the required parts, they must be cleaned, since most are covered in oil, this usually being done by burning it off.

The basic structure of the sculpture is then created, the team using their experience to ensure that it has sufficient strength to support the weight of the finished item, while maintaining an elegant appearance. Working from detailed sketches, the sculptures are created from the inside out, by welding the selected parts together. Usually selected parts are modified before using them, by cutting them, and twisting them into new shapes.

After the welding has been completed, the sculpture is cleaned, polished, and then given several coats of high quality automobile grade lacquer to prevent it rusting.

Small sculptures (up to about 50 cm’s), weigh relatively little making them ideal for exhibiting within a show cabinet, or on a shelf.

Because of their weight, larger sculptures (above 50 cm’s) are probably best suited for standing on the floor.
Medium sized sculptures (up to about 1 metre in height) break down into parts that are manageable by one person to lift and handle. These therefore make ideal show pieces in a modern living room, company office, reception area, or shop front.
Large full size sculptures can weigh in excess of 300 Kg when built up, and even when broken down into their separate parts for transportation, specialist handling equipment is required. Such sculptures would ideally be best suited to large company showrooms, reception areas, hotel lobbies, theme bars, and nightclubs.

Metal Art UK, is the home of the very best metal art available.

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