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  • 4 June 2021 4:55 pm


Designs on Metal.

We are a Suffolk-based team of experienced metalworkers recognised for our exciting, design-led work across a broad range of products. We fabricate items for residential, commercial and public sites. Our customers include private individuals, companies, architects and designers

What we do…

We Design. we make. we install. We advise.

It’s difficult to list all the different types of item we’ve made over the years. The simplest way to gauge what we make is by looking at our portfolio.

Common items we’re called on to make include: bespoke gates, railings, guards, weather-vanes, signs, garden ornaments, fire grates and tool sets, braziers, curtain poles and handles. And the occasional five-foot high watering can.

Whatever the job, Designs on Metal can provide a full metalworking service from start to finish. From design, to fabrication, to installation. We pride ourselves on the individuality of our work, attention to detail and a friendly, no-nonsense approach.

OK. You want some new gates. Or some funky garden sculpture. But what now?

Click on the “The Process” link to find out more.

Well, that’s really up to you. You might know exactly what you want; perhaps you’ve already even designed it. Maybe your ideas are more vague and need some advice.

We are happy to work with full or partial designs from you, whether it is just a thought, an envelope-sketch or a full technical drawing. Alternatively, you could choose a style from our extensive portfolio or let us come up with a new design for you.

We are often asked to make items in a completely traditional style or even match some existing metalwork. This of course, is fine too.

Whatever you need, the best thing is to have a chat with us. We don’t bite, we’re really nice people. Use the “contact us” link to find out where we are. Give us a call or email us. You could even put pen to paper. We like getting letters, it makes us feel special.

Our Portfolio
Have a look; we think you’ll like what you see

Contact us:
Nigel Kaines
Designs on Metal
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Tel/Fax:01359 232759