Mall Galleries Solo Exhibition 10th To 22nd October 2016

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Hamish Mackie: Life in Bronze 2016 10 October – 22 October 2016
Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1

Andalusian Stallion

Cotswold Ram


Hare Turning




Leopard Stalking


Nude Poised


Nude Stretching


Otter Island


Roe Deer


Vessels Sculture


Wild Boar

Hamish Mackie: Life in Bronze 2016 10 October – 22 October 2016
Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1

Internationally acclaimed sculptor, Hamish Mackie will exhibit his wildlife sculptures alongside new sculptural forms in a comprehensive survey of his work in London’s Mall Galleries from
10 – 22 October 2016. Since his last solo exhibition in 2013, Mackie has unveiled his Goodman’s Field Horses, a monumental public commission for the Berkley Group. This dynamic set of six life-and-a- quarter bronze horses established Mackie as the most original and exciting wildlife sculptor of his generation and was instrumental in the development scheme winning the British Association Landscape Industries Award. Life in Bronze will include over 40 new works born out of Mackie’s extensive wildlife research in Australia, Asia and Africa and his continued study of the United Kingdom’s wild and domestic animals. His resulting works are a beguiling mix of anatomical accuracy with an expressive interpretation of the animal’s individual essence.

Life in Bronze will showcase Mackie’s dynamic and searching interpretation of the animal kingdom from the familiar to the exotic: domestic livestock; roe deer and hares; Africa’s big five; Asia’s elephants and Australia’s peculiar marsupials. This show will also document the development of his relationship with the horse, including scaled versions of his iconic Goodman’s Fields horses, and a display of his exceptional research photography. Alongside, Mackie will unveil a small series of sculptural forms inspired from the female form. All of the works presented have been cast using the lost wax method, one that captures his signature gestural and ‘fingerprint’ quality. Life in Bronze is also a celebration of Mackie’s unique working relationship of over 20 year with Simon Allison of Lockbund Foundry. This studio foundry, with at least eight people working across the six stages of lost wax casting, has allowed Mackie to maintain a unique fluidity in his bronze sculptures.

Hamish Mackie has established himself as one of the country’s leading wildlife sculptors. His penetrating affinity for animals, which manifests as a visible relationship with each individual subject he sculpts, comes from Mackie’s zealous commitment to working from life. Research in the field is central to the genesis of his works. His recent trips have included expeditions to Australia and the Varzuga in Russia with Roxtons and before this autumn exhibition, he has travelled to India with Steppes Travel and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya with the conservationists Ian and Jane Craig.

Having been brought up on a farm in Cornwall, Mackie has developed his boyhood perceptions of our domestic animal’s distinctive behaviour to a survey of some of the world’s most diverse wildlife.

Mackie has works in public and private collections around the world. Public commissions include Merrill Lynch, Hiscox Insurance, Barclays Bank, The National Trust, Woburn Abbey, Sogo Hong Kong and most recently the Berkeley Group. His passion for sculpture and three-dimensional form was ignited at an early age, and he pursued this enthusiasm for the arts to Falmouth School of Art and Kingston University before setting up his first studio in an unused stable. Mackie lives and works in Oxfordshire.

Exhibition Opening Times
Hamish Mackie: Life in Bronze 2016
Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1
Monday 10 – Saturday 22 October 2016
10 – 5 pm daily. Closing 1 pm, Saturday 22 October 2016.