Lawncare Evergreen

  • 4 June 2021 4:52 pm


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All the gardening products you need to feed and care for your lawn and garden plants.

The brand dates back to 1960’s when Levington, who also introduced the revolutionary Gro-bag, helped amateur gardeners to successfully grow a wide range of plants from seeds and cuttings. Over the last 10 years of research The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company have concentrated on incorporating other ingredients, and introduced of a comprehensive range of peat-free alternatives. The latest additions to the Levington range are the Organic Blend Composts, made from specially selected natural materials.

Ever Green
EverGreen Complete will help you produce a more beautiful lawn after just one simple application. In just 7 days you will see greener grass and the moss turning brown before dying off. In the next few weeks broadleaved weeds such as white clover, daisies, dandelions will twist and turn until they fade away. While the long-lasting nutrients in EverGreen Complete continue to feed the grass so that it becomes thicker and greener over the next 6 weeks. It’s unique 4-in-1 formula feeds and greens the grass, kills weeds and moss plus it helps your lawn make the most of every drop of water that falls. It’s quick and easy to apply through the built-in hand-held spreader. Just walk up and down the lawn to spread the granules in an even pattern.

Tomorite is the UK’s favourite liquid tomato food. Its high-potash formula produces large crops of top quality, full flavoured tomatoes. The high potash content means it is also ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants, including all fruiting vegetables (aubergines, peppers, cucumbers), ornamentals and all pot plants.

Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food can be used from mar-sep
The original blue crystals that promise to grow plants twice as big!* The improved Miracle-Gro formula is carefully balanced to feed plants all round the garden with all the essential nutrients required for optimum growth and maximum flowering.
Today, many millions of gardeners around the world still depend on Miracle-Gro All Purpose Soluble Plant Food to give them bigger plants, more flowers, stunning displays and a more beautiful garden.


Miracle-Gro Organic Choice All Purpose Peat Free Compost is 100% chemical and peat free and is made from a carefully blended mix of recycled green materials and forest biproducts. Enriched with organic plant food, it is proven to grow stronger, healthier plants, fruits and vegetables. Conforms to the EU directive for organic farming.

Round Up
Roundup GC is a concentrate glyphosate weedkiller that kills weeds right down to the roots so they don’t come back. Diluted in water and sprayed lightly onto weed leaves it starts working in hours.
Liquid concentrate weedkiller provides economical control of large areas of weeds. It starts working in hours to kill weeds and roots. The systemic action takes Roundup right down to the weed’s growing points to kill all weeds from ‘inside out’.
Weedol MAX Concentrate – Use from jan-dec
Super fast and effective weedkiller that shows visible results in just 1 hour. This concentrate liquid is ideal for treating large areas. An alternative to traditional chemical products because it contains an active ingredient that occurs in nature.
Path Clear
Moss & Algae Killer destroys moss, algae and lichens and offers long-lasting protection on all kinds of hard surfaces including decking, brick paving, patios, fences, sheds, glass, Perspex, garden furniture, walls, paved areas and driveways. Simple to use with no mixing or scrubbing required. Made from biodegradable ingredients, it is non-staining and will not damage the treated areas.
Patio Magic is quick and easy to use without the need for hard work. Just dilute the concentrate in a watering can or low-pressure garden sprayer and thoroughly wet the affected surface, then simply leave it to dry. Patio Magic! does the hard work without the need for acids, bleach or scrubbing.


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