Choosing the right materials for your greenhouse

  • 8 December 2022 12:20 pm
  • UK - Nationwide


There are many steps to building the perfect garden for you. Whether it’s picking the right furniture or choosing plants that naturally repel pests, there are a million different ways to make your garden more your own.

Many keen growers make use of a greenhouse, as they offer a more contained and controllable growing environment for certain plants. But have you thought about the best materials to build your greenhouse from? Few do, but the results can be highly beneficial with just a little extra thought.

Why should you think about acrylic sheets?

Acrylic is an increasingly popular material in all aspects of the home and garden. Why should you think about investing in it when it comes to your greenhouse? Here are just some of the many reasons.

It’s cheaper than glass

Acrylic sheets are considerably cheaper and easier to manufacture than glass. This makes them a much more affordable option for those looking to save money. They’re also lighter which is going to make them cheaper to ship, as well as offer less opportunity for breaking during transit.

Durability is improved

Glass is generally not known for its durability, and this is another area where acrylic shines. This can be particularly useful if you have an active garden where young children are playing, as acrylic will be far better placed to resist shattering after contact from flying footballs and the like.

Less maintenance required

Acrylic does not require the same maintenance that glass does, so you will spend less time cleaning to keep it looking good. This can be particularly useful if you live in an area that is prone to experiencing strong weather conditions like high winds and torrential rain.

Diffuses the light better

Many gardeners find that acrylic does a better job of evenly diffusing the light and heat from the outside, creating a more even growing environment inside. This is beneficial for your plants obviously, and allows them an extended and improved growing cycle.

Investing in acrylic for your greenhouse

These are just some of the many reasons an increasing number of gardeners are turning to acrylic when building their perfect greenhouses. It offers a large amount of positive comparisons to glass, ranging from its lightweight for easy installation through to its durability and improved diffusing of light for the plants inside the greenhouse. If you’re unsure about acrylic the best thing is to try it for yourself and see what it’s like to live with – the results will truly speak for themselves.

Due to its relative low cost, durability during transportation, and ease of install it has never been easier to try acrylic in your greenhouse construction. Acrylic is so easy to live with and needs such little maintenance that you’re sure to consider it the superior option than glass in short order.

Whatever the scale, scope, and design of your greenhouse you will be able to find the perfect acrylic sheeting to suit your individual needs.



UK - Nationwide