Gill Parker – Equestrian And Wildlife Sculpture In Bronze

  • 4 June 2021 4:52 pm


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‘One of the most acclaimed animal sculptors of our time with work is in many private and public collections around the world’. ‘


Thought and inspirations
"I have always found animals, especially horses, the most beautiful and fascinating of creatures. In fact all things natural have always been close to my heart. I discovered sculpture whilst still at school but working in bronze was only a dream untill 1983. Since then I have revelled in the freedom and vibrancy bronze gives me. Executed well this cold hard material can become warm and alive, capturing mood and movement like nothing else."

"Although probably best known for my horse studies, I don’t see myself as purely an equestrian artist. I enjoy working on many different subjects, although they would be primarily of the animal kingdom. I do not wish to portray animals as characters or in an overly sentimental way, but with all the dignity and beauty they deserve.

‘It may sound like a cliché but my greatest inspiration really does come from the natural world.

“From an early age I remember studying animals; their interaction, movement and spirit. I didn’t know it at the time but the knowledge I gained then has left me with far greater advantages than any formal training. For me the forms and shapes of the natural world cannot be improved upon and I never tire of the subject.”


Gill’s commissions over the years have been many – they range from the highest achievers in the equestrian sport to much loved family pets. Gill works in all sizes from small to monumental in scale. Gill has worked for many private clients, but also on a variety of corporate and architectural projects, including door furniture for Chloe boutique and sculpture for Emirates flight lounges.

Other commissions include Badminton winners Sir Watte and Middle Road; Derby winners Rainbow Quest, Dancing Brave, and the life sized Motivator at Ascot Racecourse as well as many dogs and other animals.


If you would like to discuss a commission, or would like advice, please don’t hesitate to contact Gill.

Get in touch

Gill Parker can be reached on:

Tel: +44 (0)1452 849388
Mob: +44 (0)7885 273309
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