Fiskars Telescopic Universal Cutter

  • 4 June 2021 4:57 pm


The Fiskars (formerly Wilkinson Sword) Telescopic Universal Cutter is an expertly engineered long reach cutter which extends to 3.4m (11ft) to tackle the trickiest of remote pruning jobs; and with an overall reach in excess of 5m (16ft) when held and used with extended arms, there are few branches which can escape the reach of the extremely efficient anvil jaws.

A combination of the easy to use rope-less cutting action, 26 degree rotating head and the aforementioned cutting head – capable of slicing through wood up to 32mm (1¼") – surely warrants a place in any tool shed for this extending cutter.

• Non stick coated blades will cut stems up to 32mm (1¼") in diameter
• Retracted length 2.2 metres/7ft
• Extends to 3.4 metres/11ft in length
• Overall reach of 5m+ (16ft) dependant on operator’s height and reach
• Easy to use rope-less cutting action with 26 degree rotating head