Rake -Wolf-Garten Roller Moss Removal Rake

  • 4 June 2021 4:57 pm


The Wolf Roller Moss Removal Rake is the answer to your problems if you find that your lawn is the victim to a serious build-up of thatch or moss. This wheeled spring-tine rake is easy to push along and its 133cm/4’5″ long handle helps to keep a close contact with the surface to maximise the removal of moss and thatch.
• Well made, easy to clean and store.
• 133cm/4’5″ long handle
What the experts say….
"I have to confess that I’ve never been keen on this idea of ‘one handle fits all’ tools, but I’ve been won over. The Wolf Garten Multi-change handle can be moved to the heads of other tools in the range simply with the touch of a button. The Roller Moss Removal Rake wins the race for those with a bigger garden that prefer the hands-on method" The English Garden, October 2009