Weed Control Fabric

This environmentally friendly UV stabilized Weed Control Fabric is made from black spun bonded polypropylene, enables easy planting through pre-cutting cross holes in the fabric and also acts as a weed barrier. whilst still allowing moisture through to the plants. For landscaping, weed control and planting out it is advisable to cover the fabric with a 5cm (2") layer of shredded bark or decorative chippings

Heavy-Duty Ground Cover

Heavy-Duty Ground Cover is made from woven heavyweight black porous polypropylene; it can be used in glasshouses, for standing out areas and is the perfect Heavy-Duty Ground Cover for use between planting and under shingle to control weed growth. The cover is UV stabilized and will last up to 6 years in direct sunlight in Europe, but substantially longer when covered with bark, gravel or similar.

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