COREgravel gravel stabiliser is the core of hassle-free gravel paving for all types of vehicle or pedestrian traffic with no compromise in strength and durability. Part of a natural porous paving system, just add gravel to the interlocking panels of hexagon cells and you have an eco-friendly surface that costs less than asphalt, concrete, or block pavers.



COREgravel solves the problems of aggregates without gravel stabilisation sinking, migrating, and forming ruts.

A COREgravel gravel stabiliser panel is a sheet of connected hexagon cells with a geotextile backing underneath. Made from recyclable milky-white virgin PP (polypropylene) material, our proprietary manufacturing process provides a rigid honeycomb design that holds its uniform hexagon shape which provides maximum load bearing. The underside incorporates a durable geotextile which allows water to drain easily and prevents weed growth. All panel edges have an interlocking system that makes for easy installation, even on steep grades.

Top 4 Benefits

  • Stabilise gravel. Get gravel to stay put, no ruts, no sinking, no problems.
  • It’s green. Environmentally friendly porous paving allows the rain to drain over entire surface.
  • It’s beautiful. A pea gravel walkway or gravel driveway offers stunning curb appeal.
  • Low cost. This permeable paving costs less than concrete, asphalt, or block pavers.
CORE Features

  • Super strong – Enhanced load bearing causes no rutting, separating or sliding with vehicle traffic.
  • Keep costs low with easy maintenance and use less gravel, since the gravel won’t move around.
  • Used in SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) compliant porous paving solutions for ideal draining.
  • Used in ADA-compliant surfaces for pedestrians, bicycles, & wheelchair traffic.
  • Address a wide range of erosion control, earth retention, slope protection, and stability issues.
  • Geotextile backing underneath prevents weed growth.
  • When filled, the product is practically invisible.
  • Easily add parking lines and edge indicators with COREmarker.
CORE glow pebbles COREglow, glow in the dark pebbles are the bright choice for eco-friendly lighting that requires no electricity and no power. Saving our natural resources is important to us, so a renewable light source like glow pebbles that have no carbon emissions will not only save money, but save the environment around us.
Our COREglow pebbles are engineered with proprietary luminescent material and synthetic resins. When exposed to daylight or a light source the phosphorescent material within the COREglow becomes excited and will maintain an afterglow, initially very radiant, then slowly dissipating as dawn arrives.

Glow in the dark pebbles
COREglow pebbles provide glow in the dark edging and stone solutions for all your landscaping needs. This unique product incorporates amazing technology to keep your glow gravel radiant for many hours. The phosphorescence given off by our product is not harmful, and provides safety of passage when no light source is available. Whether your mode of transportation is by vehicle or by foot let COREglow pebbles guide you.
Glow in the dark… reinvented!

NEW TECHNOLOGY: The new luminescent material in our COREglow product is a multi-activated, highly efficient powder, cultivated from the Earth that enables light-storing with a long afterglow.

BRIGHT: The brightness and duration of the luminescent material we use is more than 10 times brighter than the traditional ZnS (zinc sulfide) luminous materials.

EFFICIENT: With only 10 – 20 minutes of exposure to daylight or lamplight, the COREglow product can maintain its afterglow in the dark for around 10 – 20 hours.

WATERPROOF: Expert engineering has enabled excellent water resistance compared to the common ordinary aluminate photoluminescent or afterglow pigments.

ECO-FRIENDLY: All COREglow products are non-radioactive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

POWER SAVING SOLAR POWER: All COREglow products require no electricity and thus no wires, no power supply and no batteries. This saves natural resources and is another eco-friendly benefit.

This is COREglow gravel scattered on a gravel driveway at night


COREglow Pebbles are available in 3 colours

core_gravel_thumbblue.jpg core_gravel_thumbgreen.jpg core_gravel_thumbyellow.jpg

CORE Marker Gravel Line Marking COREmarker gravel line markers are the ONLY real solution for marking gravel. No more problems marking lines for parking spaces or pathways on a natural gravel or aggregate surface. Paint, chalk, or timbers are a hassle and require constant maintenance. Now with COREmarker, lines, shapes and even messages can be set in gravel driveways, car parks or roads with no hassle.
Safety is an integral part of surface design for drivers or pedestrians. The easily visible, yet unobtrusive COREmarker fits snugly into the COREgravel gravel stabilizer panels. COREmarker gravel line markers are made to withstand all types of traffic and weather conditions.
What about at night? We went a step further and created a glow in the dark COREmarker that lights up at night without power, electricity or wires. Providing safety and cost savings, COREmarker will keep your project ahead of the rest.
COREmarker is the latest addition to the CORE6 landscape systems like COREgravel and COREgrass. Available in phosphorescent glow in the dark and non-luminescent styles, these markers are sure to make your natural porous gravel path or parking beautiful and functional.
One big limitation to gravel parking lots used to be line marking, but now with COREmarker you can have a gravel driveway or car park AND have lines too!


COREgrass Grass Reinforcement COREgrass grass reinforcement provides amazing stability, grass protection, and a sustainable drainage model, whilst providing the desirable visual and natural effect of grass paving.
COREgrass is environmentally friendly in design, function and material. Many plastic grass grids on the market lack the strength necessary to last and absorb high levels of traffic; not so with our Honeycomb design!
A proprietary interlocking system and manageable sized sheets make for easy installation. Coregrass is Ideal for use in hardscapes or landscapes where you need the porosity and beauty of natural grass. Main uses include anywhere you would use grass paving.
COREgrass HD is available in 3 different sizes.




CORE Bond Resin Bound Gravel COREbond resin bound gravel and aggregate paving tiles give you all the beauty and benefit of natural porous paving, combined with the durability and ease-of-use that you get with tiles or stone pavers.
COREbond’s unique 2-layer design consists of a plastic honeycomb base that provides strength and durability, topped with your choice of natural stone, tinted glass, colored quartz, porcelain or rubber bound together with a flexible epoxy resin.
Installing COREbond is quick and easy due to the interlocking base panel design – simply clip the tiles together to create a porous, SUDS compliant surface that is perfect for:
  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Pool surrounds
  • Driveways & car parks
  • Decorative landscaping
  • Golf cart paths, and more!
COREbond benefits

  • Easy-to-use – No need for messy resins or fumes, the interlocking panels ensure quick, low cost installation
  • Low cost – COREbond’s strengthening honeycomb panel allows you to use up to two thirds less aggregate
  • Eco-friendly – The unique design allows water to drain across the entire surface, providing a porous surface far superior to that of resin bound ‘gravel only’ solution
  • Flexible – The resin used to produce the COREbond panels is flexible so won’t crack as a result of surface movement or extreme weather, reducing site liabilities and costly repairs
  • Non-slip – COREbond’s top layer is designed to be ‘non-slip’ making it ideal for gradient surfacing
  • Beautiful – With a wide choice of natural stones, tinted glass, colored quartz, porcelain or rubber; COREbond will add beauty to any installation






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