Are you struggling to find a way to label your garden pots all year round? While it can be easy to label your pots during the summer months when the weather is good, it can be more of a challenge to find labelling solutions for the colder and wetter months of the year.

Discover all the best techniques for labelling your garden pots, with options for indoor and outdoor plants.

What are the best labels for garden pots?

Arguably, the easiest way to label your garden pots is by using sticky labels. However, these need to be waterproof or they won’t survive the wet and windy UK weather. We tried waterproof labels from Label Planet, and they worked fine!

When you’re applying your waterproof labels, make sure that you take your time to ensure they’re firmly fixed in place. Also, it’s a good idea to write the name of the plant on each label before you stick it on.

Don’t attempt to use non-waterproof labels or even ones that claim to be water-resistant, as these are unlikely to withstand the winter.

What are the best DIY plant pot labels?

If you’d prefer to make your own labelling for your garden pots, then there are several effective solutions that you can try.

Ice lolly sticks

Ice lolly sticks are great for labelling small plants and seedlings, and most people have an abundance of these left over after the summer. To make sure that this solution works all year round, you need to make sure you use a permanent, waterproof marker to write the name of each plant on the stick.


If you have some smooth pebbles lying around your garden, then these can be used to label your plant pots. All you need to do is take a permanent marker pen and write the name of each plant on the smoothest and flattest part of the pebble.

Blackboard paint

If you like to write the name of each plant directly on the pot that it has been placed in, then simply apply some blackboard paint and write the name of the plant in chalk. It’s worth noting that this works best for plants that are inside a greenhouse or under a shelter as the chalk may wash off in the rain.

Alternatively, you could write the name of the plant on the side using a permanent white marker.

Wine corks

Wine corks make great plant pot labels and they can also be placed directly in the ground by inserting them onto a stick or a fork. Use a permanent marker to write the name of the plant on the cork.

Yogurt pots

Yogurt pots are great for making labels for garden pots as they’re made of plastic, which means that they’ll last for a long time and not be affected by the elements. Simply cut out a label shape using a pair of scissors, and then write the name of the plant on it using a permanent marker.