Flowering Perennials that Bloom With Neglect

Flowers are the soul of any garden whether small or magnanimous. However, a little neglect and they curl into themselves to say goodbye within the blink of a day. It’s surely heartbreaking.

Photo by Nikolett Emmert on Unsplash

Notwithstanding the nature of flowers, which is delicate and short-lived, some flowers bloom without a care of the world. Even if you neglect them for a few days, you’ll still find them spreading their petals and digging their roots deep down into the ground to fight their harsh surroundings.

In this article expert, London gardeners share their favorite perennial flowers that are true survivors and don’t require high maintenance. Let’s learn about these delicate warriors as we dial in.


Photo by Marina Yalanska on Unsplash

Hollyhocks are a part of the Alcea species and are known to be the perfect perennial flowers. The tall stems that cover themselves with blooms from head to toe will make a lovely backdrop for your garden.

Bees love Hollyhocks, so you probably will see them thriving and spreading on their own fast. You can grow these perennials from seed or transplants. Their seeds are easy to collect when the blooms deflate and seed pods are produced from them. Collect these seeds and throw them into your hollyhock garden patch to see a beautiful flourish.

Facing the sun directly helps these plants grow easily. Although a partial shade is enough to keep them alive. It is important to keep them well hydrated in the beginning right after transplantation. But, once they mature, they are rather self-sufficient. Just water every 2-3 weeks and they are good to grow.


Photo by Volodymyr Tokar on Unsplash

Irises are another perennial flower that multiply and spread well on their own. You can either grow these from bulbs or rhizomes. Rhizomes are seen to grow more quickly and vigorously. Their growth season is late summer or fall. A trick to keep them thriving is to make their roots established before the growing season wraps up.

Over 280 species of Irises are known to mankind and most are native to either Asia or Europe. Only the beardless variety of iris, Louisiana is native to the Gulf Coast Region.

Just like other perennial blooms, Irises are also low maintenance, requiring only a little attention to flourish. They produce beautiful flowers while being tolerant to drought.

Irises need a full sun supply as well along with well-draining soil to last longer. To keep them blooming, you need to do a bit of deadheading and seasonal pruning and these flowers will live on gorgeously.


Photo by Mary Hammel on Unsplash

If you are a loving person who loves to send flowers to bring a smile to others’ faces, DayLily is the perfect flower to grow in your garden. These flowers are not only beautiful to look at but also edible, making them an ideal decor flower for desserts and sweets.

These lilies are very low maintenance and bloom profusely with little to no attention from your end. Although each bloom only lasts a day, staying true to its name, ‘Day Lily’, they are long-lived perennials and bloom in abundant amounts to make up for their short lifetime.

Despite the name, this flower is not a lily. Lilies tend to grow from the bulbs whereas daylilies bloom from fleshy roots, are drought-tolerant and multiply largely.

Like both flowers we have already discussed, the Day lily also thrives well under full sun. Water them once every few weeks and they will stay well established.


Photo by Anna Meshkov on Unsplash

The vibrant colors and mesmerizing smell of lilacs are true indicators of spring in full bloom. These flowers bloom for a very short period. So why are they mentioned in the list of perennials you might wonder?

Lilacs are very low-maintenance perennials requiring only a little supplemental care other than pruning on a regular basis. Their shrubs grow profusely and can live up to 100 years covering your fencing line. Their long lifetime often makes them a relic of old homesteads.

You might have come across some old farms and homes ornamented by lilacs still in full bloom. They survive on their own with no care as long as they have access to sunlight. Watering them every two weeks is enough to keep them happy and healthy.

The Bottom Line

Blooming perennials are among the most reliable flowers that make a grander come back each year. They thrive all the year around to bless you with their even more beautiful blooms as years pass by. Make some space in the garden for Daylilies, Lilacs, Irises or Hollyhocks and enjoy them flourish with neglect.