Visitor Numbers Exceed Expectations in First Month at Gardens Of Gothenburg 2008

  • 4 June 2021 4:55 pm


Since the opening of ‘Gardens of Gothenburg’ on June 28, tens of thousands of people have visited the four sites and this large international garden exhibition has got of to a great start. Coffee Lovers have also found their nirvana in the Palm House at Trädgårdsföreningen (the Garden Society of Gothenburg) at what many are hailing as the ‘most gorgeous coffee shop on the planet!’

During the first month of the show 70,950 people have passed through the gates of the Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Public Relations Officer Agneta Green said “We are very happy that so many people have found their way to our park this summer. In July the number of visitors to the green houses, and the Gluttonous Beauties exhibition, was record breaking for the garden.”

Gunnebo House and Gardens has had 75 930 visitors in July, a rise of 30% on the same period last year. “This has contributed to an impressive rise in sales at the Gunnebo café, and the restaurant and shop are experiencing the same positive increase” says Marketing Manager Mr David Björneloo.

Staff at Liseberg Park have noticed large numbers of people strolling around in the new park area, many of whom have taken part in the guided tours. “We definitely feel this new area compliments the rest of our park. The new Liseberg Park is a wonderful addition to the thousands of flowers and plants that we already have in the amusement park” said Press Officer Julia Vasilis.

Debate is raging about what constitutes the best coffee shop in every major city, but without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful coffee shop in Sweden is currently housed in the stunning glass Palm House in The Trädgårdsföreningen (the Garden Society of Gothenburg). The building modelled on London’s Crystal Palace has been restored to its former glory and many of the 41, 340 visitors have climbed up the ornate wrought iron staircase and enjoyed coffee and cakes whilst looking down on the magnificent collection of palms and tropical plants. Light relief before moving on through the exhibition of show gardens and newly restored rose gardens.