Vegetable Scrubbing Gloves

  • 4 June 2021 4:58 pm


With 50% of vitamins located in the peel, our Vegetable Scrubbing Gloves will clean your home grown vegetables without removing all the quality and taste which traditional peeling does. The Vegetable Scrubbing Gloves also spell the end for countless hours at the sink and are much kinder on your hands too – and with the three colour co-ordinated styles we’ve got available you can look good too.
One size of Vegetable Scrubbing Glove fits all, they’re ideal for getting kids to help out in the kitchen and are practical and hygenic to use. Choose from brown potato gloves (also use for beetroot); the orange carrot style (suitable for cleaning parsnip, parsley root and more) and take care of any other veg cleaning with the lime green veggie version. Each pair of Vegetable Scrubbing Gloves have their name (potato, carrot and ‘veggie’) embossed on the back for a final stylish touch.
• Vegetable Scrubbing Gloves available in 3 styles – potato, carrot and veggie
• Potato gloves are dark brown
• Carrot style is bright orange
• Veggie gloves coloured lime green
• Available in 1 ‘fits all’ size
• Practical and hygenic
• Suitable for both adults and children
• Half the vegetable goodness is lost through peeling
• Gloves wil help protect hands
• Vegetable Scrubbing Gloves cut down on kitchen vegetable peeling time
• Vegetable name embossed on back of gloves