Stone Age

  • 4 June 2021 4:45 pm


Stone Age is a new company which began in 1999, to bring a fresh look to Garden furniture, whilst bringing a recycled natural stone product back into the garden.

All the stonetables are specially selected by myself from reclaimed slabs of Yorkstone, Granite and Slate.

Every stonetable design is drawn by free hand and then it is painstakingly hand carved by myself. The designs are taken from Celtic and Ethnic texts, or if you wish you can commission your own personal design to be carved into your table top.

The design you choose can be incorporated into a fully galvanised forged metal base of your choice by our very own blacksmith artist and skilled craftsman Tony Armstrong.

You can also commission Tony to make the chairs to match your table design, to achieve a totally unique and bespoke outdoor, indoor table.

There is nothing more distinctive and unique for your Terrace, Patio, Garden and Conservatory than this beautiful stone furniture.

Other Ideas as a feature for your garden could be to incorporate a carved slab into a wall or the terrace, patio, garden and conservatory or how about a Corporate design using your company logo.

Why not inlay your design with eg. copper or with different colour stone, I will be happy to discuss any ideas you may have.

We have a range of Blank Tops – please click through on

We also have a range of designed table tops –

Most of the table tops are of reclaimed Sandstone(Yorkstone), with some Granite and Slate tops available.

The majority of the Stone slabs are at least 80 years old and were quarried around the Yorkshire/ Lancashire regions.

There are two types of finished tops available these are-

Rive Tops: this means the Stone slabs were split by hand by hand working along the grain of the stone to leave a beautiful natural finish.

Wire Cut: this means the Stone slabs were cut on a Steam driven wire band saw, which leaves a beautiful flat surface, leaving a very faint wire mark, like tiny ripples right across the surface.

Most of the Stone slabs were used for the rooftops of the out buildings on rows upon rows of Terrace housing in Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The out-buildings are a basic three sided shell made of stone or brick with a door to the front with a Stone slab on the top to create what would be a outside-toilet or coal shed. Sadly these out-building have mostly been demolished and the Stone slabs broken down into smaller paving slabs.

Almost all of the Stone slabs are left with the weathered look, showing its history, and a lifetime of character.

Sandblasting the Stone slabs is done if slabs cannot be cleaned with a light power-wash(usually the slabs have Black bitumen on them were they were overlapped on larger out-building.

You can commission your own sandblasted top to show its original beautiful colours.

So do have a look at our website email me [email protected] or call me to discuss ideas on 07768 897845


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