• 4 June 2021 4:56 pm


The use of heat maximises the cleaning power of any pressure washer and with the STIHL RE551W Pressure Washer you have unlimited supplies of hot water to obtain that ‘deep clean finish’. Not only does the use of heat, either through hot water or steam, improve cleaning power by melting grease and oil, but drying times are reduced, enabling washed machinery, equipment and floors etc. to be worked on more rapidly. It is powerful, robust and mobile yet compact in design, with a performance that truly belies its size. It produces an impressive 105 Bar of working pressure at approx. 80 degrees Celsius with a water flow rate of 10 litres a minute.

Higher temperatures can be reached by reducing the pressure and water volume and then steam cleaning becomes a reality! An inbuilt start-up check monitors all the systems and gives you the green light to go. The operating logic provides information on states and faults permitting rapid troubleshooting and enabling down time to be kept to a minimum. The in-line pump is designed for heavy-duty work. Ceramic pistons, a brass cylinder head, stainless steel valves and a 10 metre long pressure hose reinforced with steel braiding guarantee extended service life. A horizontal heating coil in the three-pass burner system means this pressure washer has low fuel consumption and very low emission values. It also utilises the popular professional rotating lance system found on the above two models. The spray gun has lockable connections for the lance and hose to give extra safety, and with a chemical metering valve conveniently placed, the operator enjoys total control.

The power consumption on this unit is 3.0 kW. A 5m power cable is supplied as well as a 10m hose cable. Weighing 133 kg, the STIHL RE551W Pressure Washer has a noise level of 81 dB(A) @ 1 metre, a fuel tank capacity of 11.5 litres and a maximum operating temperature of 80-140 degrees Celsius. FREE DELIVERY 3-5 DAYS! 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY.

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