Ryobi Els-52 Electric Log Splitter

  • 4 June 2021 4:43 pm


If you have large numbers of logs to prepare for the fire or wood burner, this electric log splitter from Ryobi will save you literally hours of back breaking work compared to chopping them up with an axe! Simply place your sawn logs on top of the unit, flick a switch, and watch as the log splits in two. Individual pieces can then be re-split down to your required size. The Ryobi ELS-52 Electric Log Splitter asserts an incredible 4 tons of pressure ensuring workloads are handled quickly and efficiently without stoppages. Powered by a 1500 Watt electric motor, this product will split logs up to 52cm/21"" in length. Logs up to around 12""/30cm in diameter can generally be split in one go, whilst larger logs will need to be turned and split a second time from the opposite side. Supplied with a 12m/40ft cable, the Ryobi ELS-52 Log Splitter has large transport wheels and rubber grip handles for easy manoeuvring and a strong tubular frame construction for durability. Weight 45kg. LOOK>>>NEW LOW PRICE>>SAVE OVER £20! FREE DELIVERY NEXT WORKING DAY! RYOBI LOG SPLITTERS HAVE A TWO YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY!

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