Pea and Bean Hoops and Cross Supports

  • 4 June 2021 4:57 pm


Peas and beans are right up there on the list of popular grow your own kitchen garden vegetables, but they do need a bit of support – and what better way to let these legumes show off their climbing skills than the Pea and Bean Hoops and Cross Supports we’ve developed!

Along with our very popular, open ground 3.6m (11’9") long version – which features 3 heavy-duty galvanised steel hoops and cross supports – we’ve introduced two smaller support systems to appease raised bed gardeners; the 1.07m (3’6") and 2.29m (7’6") models will fit comfortably in one of our 1.2m (4ft) and 2.4m (8") long timber raised bed respectively.

All sizes of Pea and Bean Hoops and Cross Supports give 1m (39") of growing height and are 30cm (12") wide, providing the potential for growing up to two double rows of plants. Although the systems are supplied without netting, we recommend using either our heavy-duty black 8cm (3") mesh Anti-Pigeon Netting or a piece of the Pea and Bean Netting.

• Available in three lengths – 3.6m, 2.29m and 1.07m
• All sizes provide 1m of growing height
• Hoops are 0.3m wide
• 1.07m system features 2 hoops
• 3.6m and 2.29m long Pea and Bean Hoops and Cross Supports have 3 hoops
• Manufactured from heavy-duty galvanised steel
• Simple to assemble and dismantle
• Easy to store over winter
• Netting not supplied but our Anti-Pigeon and Pea and Bean Netting recommended
• Can be used as a protection frame during winter
• Will give seasons of use
• Smaller versions ideal for raised bed or restricted space growing
• 20cm of hoop buried into soil for anchorage
• Full assembly instructions included
Netting Advice
To get the best results from your Pea and Bean Hoops and Cross Supports, we suggest you try our Anti-Pigeon Netting or the Pea and Bean Netting. The 3.6m long support will require 2m x 4m of your chosen net; the 2.29m model will accept a 2m x 3m piece whilst a section measuring 2m x 2m will fit the 1.09m size frame.