Italian Terrace

  • 4 June 2021 4:55 pm


The Italian Terrace collection of terracotta pots, containers, urns, oil jars, wall plaques and statuary are handmade and frostproof. We design with classical and contemporary themes to decorate your garden and architectural styles. Each piece is mellow in colour with a wonderful aged and weathered texture.



Terracotta urns and amphora have had important use throughout history in Italy as storage vessels for oil and wine. Many oil jars have handles which supported long poles for moving the urns when full, rather like a sedan chair. Today we can fill them with water to create an individual feature or equally stand them empty to provide an impressive focal point for the garden, parterre or terrace.

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Terracotta pots, plants and containers have a long history in Italy for the growing of tender plants, flowers and citrus trees. The vases were moved annually into the grand orangeries to overwinter. Topiary, shrubs, bulbs and annuals are well suited to terracotta pots. See the planting page for a few suggestions. For more examples – click here



Break the monotony of a wall, create a focal point, or cover something up! The plaques are predrilled and plugged, you add screws and wire to hang like a picture. To visualise space and shape, cut out card to the size of your choice of plaques and place on the wall. The Pavonne (peacock) represents love and eternity, a great wedding or anniversary present. Byron’s poem about the Assyrians is the scene in Pannello Biga. The party goers in Danzatori is a fun birthday gift. Place a tea light candle in Aquasantiera, it looks charming. For more examples – click here



For this collection we use Galestro clay, it is very strong, yet fine for detailed sculpture. Statues are classically used as symbols to represent Roman and Greek history. Position in a knot garden, plant around the base with Daffodils and Verbena Bonariensis. To increase the height and importance, place on a base or plinth. Cut out alcoves within a hedge giving a background to frame the ornament. For more information – click here

Etc Etc


Italian Terrace supplies a range of plinths, pot feet, pot risers and smaller planters. The terracotta plinths and bases add height and importance to the pots and statues. It is important to raise pots off the ground using pot feet, see the pot care page for more information. For examples – click here



Italian Terrace collect and design many other products for use in the garden, conservatory and home. We take pride in the quality, form and excellent craftsmanship used to create all the pieces in our collection. For more examples – click here




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In Suffolk we have a large display area within the garden and a showroom (now sporting a new thatch) for our collection. We have a range of metal furniture and occasional items of interest. Goods can be bought and collected from stock. Please check for exhibition dates and other venues to view.


Opening times

The showroom is open Monday to Saturday, March to October.

Our office is open all year – Monday to Friday.

Other visiting times by arrangement.

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