Grow Bag Cane Frames and Willow Surround

  • 4 June 2021 4:55 pm


Here’s a novel approach to customising an unsightly old growbag – give it a makeover with the Grow Bag Cane Frames and Willow Surround duo and turn a sagging patio eyesore into a well supported and stylish rustic planter.

Supplied in packs of 3, the frames are made of durablerust-proof plastic coated steel, hold the sides of the growbag together and can hold canes – or our- of all diameters.

That’s the plant support side of your growbag taken care of and the Willow Surround, complete with plant-through coir cover (not popular at all with slugs and snails), will certainly enhance the appearance of the often gaudy plastic outer. Simply place around the bag (the surround and cover can be retro-fitted after planting) and your frog-like growbag instantly becomes a patio prince!

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